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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WIP - Kai'Mechian Eldar - In A Playable State!

Meister_Kai here, sorry for the long wait regarding the next peice of "Why I Powergame" (been busy painting Eldar/helping the local game store move to a new location, LOTS of construction needed) but to make up for it here are some pictures of my Kai'Mechian Eldar, complete with fluff that I wrote etc (yes I sort of give a crap lol, I actually think I will order "Path of the Warrior" since I heard it was a decent book).

I have actually fully photographed the first 3 games I have played, one against Necrons where he fudged up his own rules pretty hard as he hardly plays, thus I won on a technicallity. I'll go into it if asked but I'll just say that I put about 60 str 6 shots into 5 Destroyers over 2 turns and killed only two models. Yeah.

I then played against Mech Guard with Autocannon bubblewrap (best army/general in the store) and lost both games, but had tons of fun (despite making horrible mistakes that I realized right after each game, like screwing up Fire Dragon deployment horribly in both games).

I'll post a battle report as soon as I get a good enough feel for the army, no matter win or loss.

Anyway, the fluff:

Craftworld Kai'Mechia
Why Collect an Kai'Mechian Army?

The Eldar of Craftworld Kai'Mechia are a specialized force of space elves that play like a bash of Bel-Tain and Saim-Hann. After nar
rowly escaping the fall of the Eldar empire at the birth of Slaneesh, the Kai'mechians who had been waring with each other during the precedent hedonistic period of Eldar history were not left unscathed. Having lost the majority of their scattered forces to the powers of the warp, the Kai'Mechians salvaged their damaged vehicles and trained with the sister Craftworld of Saim-Hann. The Kai'Mechians are thus experts at both the use and destruction of vehicles. With only direct access to the most common Aspect Shrine, the Asuryan's Jaeger (Dire Avengers) and the Feuer Drachen (Fire Dragons) the Kai'mechians must bargain and trade with other Craftworlds in order to utilize other Aspects. However, Kai'Mechians have been rather unimpressed with the combat prowess of other Aspects, and have such refrained from inducting other Shrines besides that of the Seer. Kai'Mechians are vain, selfish, and scrupulis. Fire power is not squandered, resources not wasted, and mercy not given. They live for the chance to combat other races, to restore the glory of the Eldar empire, and bring doom to all its enemies.

The actual list can be found here: Why I choose this list (and I did try to build my own, however it was Stelek's but with 6 Vypers and 30 pts over, a problem Stelek solved for me lol) will be covered in my next article.

There are more models of course, but these give you guys the jist. Having never touched a paintbrush since high school, let alone paint anything that I gave two hoots about before, I take great pride in these little duders (that took me an average of 20 hours a week for one month to paint) and will perhaps show some update photos for when everything is completely done (such as varnish, touch-ups, some more washes perhaps).

I used all GW colors (Skull White, Hawk Turquoise etc) and even bought the paint brushes (I get a 25% on all GW stuff, even models, from my LGS, awesome I know). I'll be sure to post some BR's as soon as I can play my army without performing maneuvers that I myself with no outside guidance see as stupid only moments after!

9 pinkments:

rosvojaska said...

I like the color scheme. The War Walkers look especially good. Not sure on the green rings around the bases though.

islyfe said...

How did you get those shuriken cannons on the chin of the vypers?

grav said...

Nice army, looks good although I wouldn't go with the green base-rimms

oh, the link to stelek is wrong one "http" too much

Meister_Kai said...

lol I still fail at blogger pretty hard, so if I ever make any mistakes at all tell me (and perferably how to fix them).


Green Rings: I figured that it would cause my models to appear to jump off the table as the green ring (which would probably match the table I was playing on) would cause the brown and the rest of the model to appear more striking. After thinking about it, do you guys think just using a black ring around the base would be better?

Link: Fixed, damn double http!

Shuriken Cannon: Ok, this was a pain in the ass lol. I was actually planning on taking pictures of how I went about doing this, but as you can imagine it involved cutting and gluing. I could email you some written instructions or you could wait a week or so when I get 3 more Vypers in (to complete my 2000 pt list which is on this site) and will document the process with pics, which I could then upload here.

Its not hard at all, just annoying that you have to do that bit of work for something that should just snap on.

Kirby said...

Looks good Kai but watch your post times! *angry face*

Agree with rosvojaska in relation to base color. Go darker with a color that compliments your colors better.

Chumbalaya said...

Like the colors a lot.

Eltnot said...

Will your fluff change when the meta game does?

grav said...

You could desaturate the green, use a darker version. In the pics it clashes to much with the blues.
Perhaps even blend it from dark(top of rim) to light green on the bottom of the rim. I think that would look cool.

Personally I would use thesame color as the tops so they distract the eye less from the great paintjob on the models.

Meister_Kai said...

Aw shucks guys, thanks for the sayings of goodwill. I'll try out a couple different base paintjobs and see how they look.

@Eltnot: You bet lol. Unlike GW the story for my faction will actually advance every once in a while.

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