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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Email in: conscripts

"Hey man, love your blog.

If you have a moment, I would like to get your opinion on something. I am currently in the process of painting up a renegade ig force. The army has been a long time goal of mine, and I am really enjoying the work. In reviewing the guard codex, I am extremely tempted to take two 20-30 man conscript squads with the "send in the next wave" (without number) rule, represented by a highly converted mob of "lost and the damned"-esque models. Seeing as how my infantry models are all forgeworld militia, the contrast would be interesting. To further this point, my ratlings are ghouls with gasmasks and kroot rifles... anyway:

Do you think there is any conceivable way that two such conscript squads are even playable? They are very expensive with the upgrade and special character required, and aside from serving as an unending bubble-wrap, I can't really think of a use for them. Sure, the ability to remove the squad as casualties whenever I want offers some tactical opportunities, if you imagine the bubble-wrap in front of a line of chimeras with hull mounted heavy-flamers, but I just can't see any other point.

Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work!

Dan (nyhil)"

A simple answer is no. They are a single point more expensive than regular guardsmen and require the Cheknov and without number upgrades to be of any use making them more expensive and simply less effective throw-away units. IG platoons can at least combine and pack heavy/special weapons and with a BS3 are at least going to hit somewhat reliably (compared to BS2). They also make poor un-ending bubble-wrap because they appear on your board edge and have to make their way through your army. Not good when you have large squads which need to be in front of your army. Whilst useful in the sense that your opponent can get bogged down in the squad and you remove it when you wish to blast them, an IG squad with Commisar is going to do this better all around for less points.

Whilstyour model conversions sound awesome, I'd just play them as regular Guardsmen and maybe convert some special/heavy weapons if you can. Conscripts are just...well useless I'm afraid. Maybe try Penal legion troops? Still not amazingly awesome but can be great for a themed army and still somewhat effective. If you want top notch competitive though, go with regular Infantry Platoons.

4 pinkments:

rosvojaska said...

Showing up from the board edge is what ruins them for me. If they could deep strike around Chenkov or something, they could be useful.

VT2 said...

They'd still be ballisticskill nothing, leadership nothing, have no good weapons, and still be more expensive tgan veteran squads with meltaguns, mounted in chimeras.

Daniel said...

Thank you for responding to my email. I predicted your response, but I had to be sure. Often, my modeling/painting pleasures interfere with my gaming direction. I am reminded of this whenever I look at the conversion I made for the parasite of motrex. =(

Anyhow, thanks for your input!

Kirby said...

Call it a really small Hive Hobby & gaming can go together just need to pre-plan. Look at Jimmy's Tau drone army for example where everything is based off drones, etc.

Otherwise it's all great for 'friendly' play.

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