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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kirby's Thesis!

So as some of you may know I'm in the middle of a post grad psych degree and have been working on a thesis. Well, ethics is through (finally)! This means all of you loverly people who wish to help science (and me) can partake in my study. All results are anonymous and de-identified so I won't know your results but you can include your e-mail if you wish the results of the study to be sent to you. The study looks at potential relationships between personality, emotional intelligence and internet usage and is titled "Your Time Online." The survey takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Further information and the survey can be found at the link given below. Remember, you are under no obligation to start or complete this survey.

Thanks for your time and assistance.


P.S. these posts will pop up occasionally to increase circulation and there will also be a link at the top of my blog during the collecting phase.

13 pinkments:

The_King_Elessar said...

It only took me 15 mins tbh. And I was doing other stuff at the same time. lol

VT2 said...

It only takes 10 if you're focusing on it.

Marcus said...

I got to the question about being easily distracted but then a squirrel ran past.

Chumbalaya said...

I am an outlier, fuck you!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the questions about going online to send 'mean' messages to people. Really?? I thought it was just Stelek that did that!

Only kidding, I love you really!

But yeah... 10 mins of my time in exchange for a lifetime of me doubting myself about whether I'm addicted to the internet! Well worth it really!

AbusePuppy said...

It only takes five minutes if you just click everything as fast as you can without reading it.

Wait, pretend I didn't say that. MY RESULTS ARE VALID AND CORRECT.

jabberjabber said...

Cool survey! I would definitely like to read any publication that arises from it (whenever that happens).

Ignacio said...

Jut did it myself, and I find it very intersting as a sociology student myself. The only part where I thought the questions seemed a bit lacking was in the internet addiction part. The 'Does not apply' option confused me a little, mainly because there was no 'never' option, which made me wonder if 'does not apply' was to be used as 'never' or not. Also, that questionnaire seems to assume a very black\white separation between being online and offline, when at least for me in reality I am online all the time, just on and off while I do my daily routine. It seemed to me like the questionnaire was aimed at dial-up users, or people who don't sit at computers all day

anyway, sorry for the long comment, I don't mean to try to tell you how to do your work or anything of the sort, I just thought I'd leave some feedback in case you wanted it.

Good luck with your thesis!


The_King_Elessar said...

I see Ignacio's point...I never close my Browsers down, but am not technically 'online' ALL the I answered the time question according to that.

I spend a LOT of time reading comics that I have 'legally' downloaded, after all...

Borkai said...

Hey good luck with the thesis Kirbs, mine is almost done (but then again it has been almost done for 6 months now!)

Meister_Kai said...

I took the plunge myself a few days ago, had the same issue as Ignacio in that I assumed "does not apply" meant never, so if it doesn't I'm a bigger internet addict than the average WoW raider.

Kirby said...

Thanks for the support guys! Anyone want to be a data entry monkey =p?

In regards to the tests, I wasn't going to spend literal weeks of my time making up new psychometric studies just for the use of this test so have used already established ones. The IAT which is in the survey is the 'only' reliable and valid construct which measures what I needed. It's a bit extreme but it accesses the data I need :). I will have to discuss these limitations, etc. in my write-up so any other feedback like that would be great as I'm coming from the psychologist's perspective rather than the er...pleb =D.

Thanks again guys, already got 100 responses and climbing!

Katie Drake said...

Done. I hope you appreciate this. :@ Haha =P

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