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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mistake Mondays: Part 2, the Gathering Storm


Big kudos to anyone who actually gets that reference. I am impressed, sir.

#1: Deep Striking and Terrain
Models which deep strike into difficult (or dangerous, if it needed to be said) terrain must make a Dangerous Terrain test.

#2: Flinstones Feet
Bikes and jetbikes cannot run; they can only turbo-boost. Jump infantry, on the other hand, are free to do so, one of the important distinctions between the two.

#3: Vehicle Squadrons
When shooting a squad of vehicles, always use the armor facing of the nearest vehicle. (With some chassis, you can use this to create a unit that effectively has nothing but front armor.) Once hits and penetration have been rolled for as usual, the owning player must distribute them just as they would wounds on a normal squad, and then cover saves are taken (if appropriate) and finally damage results are rolled. Also like any regular unit, the entirety of a vehicle squadron benefits from cover saves if 50% of its members have cover. All Stunned results on a squadron are downgraded to Shaken; all Immobilized results are upgraded to Destroyed (Wrecked).

#4: Fighting The Man
Independent Characters that are joined to a unit "separate" from it, for all intents and purposes, during close combat, forming a unit of their own. Thus, they can only attack other units that are B2B with them, and can only be attacked by models in B2B or within 2" of a model that is. They are still considered a part of their parent unit when resolving Sweeping Advance, No Retreat, etc, though.

#5: Detonation Boulevard
When a vehicle is wrecked, it becomes difficult and dangerous terrain for the rest of the game (and its hull is left on the board.) When a vehicle explodes, it becomes an area of difficult terrain, and any unit inside it must be placed within the vehicle's "footprint."

#6: Houses (Two Different Kinds)
Buildings are different from ruins. The latter are simply area terrain with "levels" that take 3" to move up or down; the former function like static vehicles, having an armor value, entrance/exits, fire points, etc. Most importantly, units inside a ruin can be assaulted or targeted, but those inside a building cannot, except by a template weapon (which inflicts d6 hits on them.)

#7: Keep On Truckin'
A vehicle that does not move away from assaulters in a subsequent movement phase will remain engaged with them (but not locked, so they can still be shot at) in the following assault phase. If it pivots (which, as usual, isn't considered moving), the assaulters will be shuffled to the new positions, remaining in B2B with it.

#8: Everything is Ruins Forever
When assaulting models in a ruin, it is acceptable to assault onto a level where there is not physically enough space to place your models, provided you have enough distance to reach the enemy at least. Determine how many models have enough movement to get to their foes and simply place them as close as possible (generally on the next level down)- this may require a bit of "well it looks like" between you and your opponent.

#9: Walkers is Vehicles Too, Guys
Unlike all other vehicles, walkers measure distances from the edge of their base, like a "normal" unit- with the exception of firing weapons (measured from the gun itself) and walkers without bases like the Defiler and Soul Grinder (measured like a normal vehicle.)

#10: A Part of Me
Independent Characters that join a unit are, for all intents and purposes, part of that unit until they leave it. They do not gain any special rules normally possessed by the unit, but if some other effect grants an ability to the unit (like an aura, psychic power, or other special rule), the IC will gain it just like the rest of the squad members.

8 pinkments:

Ishamael said...

That's a damn fine book.

And I have had to explain the Walker rules many times over, ala Dreadnought vs Defiler, and how they're different.

Zheilt said...

Can an IC attached to a unit in close combat choose to attack models that are not in b2b with it, but are within 2"?

For example, my Wolf Guard+Rune Priest are in close combat with some enemy squad. The RP is only in b2b with a single enemy model, but (somehow) is within 2" of all enemy models. Can my RP choose to attack anyone in the enemy squad? Even if my GH's are in b2b with all other enemies? (if it helps, imagine a RP with an oval of enemies surrounding him 2" or less away, but he is only touching one of them, and this oval is surrounded by a matching oval of WG that are touching all of the enemy models... oh bother, something like this:

Around here that sort of thing gets played with the RP only getting to attack the guy in b2b. Could he attack anyone in this scenario?

Kirby said...

If he's in base to base with some from the squad, the whole squad can die. If there's another IC in the opposing squad who is not in B2B with the Rune Priest, he cannot attack him.

AbusePuppy said...

Because the models are all part of the same squad (the enemy squad, specifically), he directs his attacks at them. Even though only one of them is actually in B2B with him, any wounds he inflicts will be allocated across the squad (and can kill members) as normal, just as with shooting when only a single model is visible.

Zheilt said...

That is definitely not how it usually gets resolved around here. Thanks guys, I shall add that rules tidbit to my knowledge base.

brent said...

Abuse Puppy, please put in page references! I asked for that last time this site did this.

Katie Drake said...

*gasp* How dare you question AbusePuppy?! Clearly we're all meant to take this without question! =P

Power of the Machine Spirit said...

still no page #

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