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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rise, Creatures of Prometheus!


So your favorite adversarial author has won this months local tourney (fought the Speed Freaks Orks, but as expected the player wasn't terribly good with them, so it's not really any kind of nail in the coffin for that argument) bearing a brand-new battleforce. I have been tossing around several different options and was torn between a vanilla bikers army and a fancy, fluffy Blood Angels force, and I finally caved and built the latter, mostly because the store owner has been a big whiny babby about how "gay" Tyranids and Orks and Chaos Space Marines and Tau and Space Wolves and Dark Eldar and pretty much every army on the Emperor's green Earth. The only thing he doesn't seem to complain about is... MEQs on foot. Anything else is tantamount to cheating. :\ So yeah, we're building something fluffy and reasonably effective I can bring into the store and maul some folks with without having to listen about how it's not fair that Tyranids have a way to shoot AND assault and that being able to spawn crappy units isn't fair and anything that ignores armor saves (i.e. CC attacks and nothing else) is unfair to models that have them. Ugh.

So, as to why I'm posting this: I'm looking for inspiration for a color scheme and basing. The army is heavily fire-themed and are a renegade BA chapter that found holy promethium to be just a bit too holy. They still worship Big Emps, but see him more as a divine mortal blessed with the power of flame- the Star Father, counterpart to Mother Flame. Death Company get revamped as guys who have been "blessed with inner flame" and are sorta, well, burning up. But it's not a bad thing, it's the ultimate gift. Everyone either wears a jump pack or comes down from the sky bathed in flames (Stormraven, Drop Pod, etc). Missiles, Lascannons, and Autocannons are pretty much verboten for the army, but Melta, Flamers, and Plasma are all kosher.

Basing is the biggest issue- I really have no idea where to go with it. I have a distant idea for an urban Guard army, so I'd like to save that. Resin bases seem really sexy, and I've been keeping my eye on different sites for interesting choices, but suggestions would be greatly appreciated. For the paint scheme obviously red is going to feature prominently (surprise!), but I'm thinking that something to contrast or compliment it for the armor itself, so that the red/orange of the fires sticks out more, would be good. However, I don't really pay much attention to MEQs, since I wasn't keen on starting an army of them until recently. Good tutorials for painting/sculpting fire would be appreciated, too.

I... I have become part of the Space Marine problem. I think I need to ritually cleanse myself before I post anything further.

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Kirby said...

I love the pic =p. I'd maybe go for a Jumper army w/VV? Competitive basis which you can add some so-so elements too (i.e. death company oh and use Legion of the damned models for these!) and lava bases? I found some before so can link you if needed. I'd maybe go for a orange themed armor with black secondary color? Might blend with the bases too much though.

Should of gone bikers though... then we could have lots of Biker armies on 3++ :P. Grats on winning tourney though.

Chumbalaya said...

Sounds like the Flame Falcons ( I wanted to do 'em up back in the day, but like most of my projects interest just kinda petered out :P

Red and black or yellow would look nice.

The CPT said...

Do you have a good airbrush? If so, you could make each marine look like a 'flame' by starting with tausept ochre at the feet and fading up with macharius solar orange/blazing orange/blood red in that order.

For bases, look to Dragon Forge Design. Nice bases, decent price.

VT2 said...

CPT said what I was gonna say.

Welcome to the marine side.
Your life will never be the same again, and in time, you will learn to love what you once hated.

Oh, and you're also going to be considered the underdog by anyone who started during 3rd and 4th, because marines of all colors sucked so hard right from the start, and up until the release of the 5th edition marine codex.

Mizzrym said...

I've decided to do a chaos based BA army, it just seems cooler than emo vampire SM's, best of luck with your renegades! Also as a side note I did your thesis survey.

0range said...

I'm also looking into buying Dragonforge (lost empires set ftw) for my Blood Rodeo, although I'm not sure it'd be the best in your case (doesn't strike me as burny enough).

Maybe lava bases? Might be a *little* too obvious, but anyhoo... for starters, you might want to take a look at this:

Meister_Kai said...

"I... I have become part of the Space Marine problem. I think I need to ritually cleanse myself before I post anything further."


huf, puf, wheeze.

...At least make it look like the Marines are burning to the point of non-enjoyment :)

Raptors8th said...

Check these out:
They're relatively inexpensive for resin and they look great. As well as fitting in nicely with the fire theme you've got going.

AbusePuppy said...

Dragonforge does some beautiful bases, yeah; I had been looking at them (and a couple other companies). I'm not sure if I want to go with lava or if I want to do something else. I sort of like the idea of using forest/woodland bases and basically have everything be burning up around them, but that's yet even more work on top of everything the army will already require, so I dunno.

Not currently, but that's gonna be the first thing I get for the army. I found out when I first started working on my Tau that I can't paint vehicles for shit by hand.

>Your life will never be the same again, and in time, you will learn to love what you once hated.

;_; Blame Darth Kirbster here, he's the one who has been subtly encouraging me to fall into his evil trap.


Did you like me before it was cool to do so? I'm so proud!

Useful stuff, I'll have to check through there, thanks.

Tyler said...

If you don't want to go with the trees and such in the process of burning. You could go with a scorched earth look on their bases like blackened trees and stones and burnt remains of guardsmen.

MikeD said...

Fire and Scorching? That makes me think bricks or metal scorched footprints. If they are on fire, or immolated, I would think burning bases around the feet to suggest that they are fresh on the scene and leaving burning in their wake. Smoldering ash could be a good component for vehicles as well.

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