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Saturday, September 25, 2010

fester's Crazy Ideas: Sage's Idea

I have been banging heads with Sage from the chat on his crazy idea, and finally pulled some time to nut out a solution for him. He approached me with an idea, a fluff based concept that he would like to explore a bit more, and try to bring across to any army.

The concept is as follows:
A bunch of thousand sons and world eaters have realized that chaos is not the true path, and have come back to grand-pappy's side.
So we have to look at the key concepts here:
1. Thousand Sons.
The 1k sons are for the most part, automatons led by a sorcerer.
2. Khorne Beserkers.
These guys are a bit nuts, are CC focused, and tough.
So, based on these requirements I have written 2 feasible lists out of 2 codices.
Disclaimer: neither of these lists would usually get the time of day on 3++ and may be bucketloads of fail. When you build to a concept, and are heavy on the counts-as, you sometimes have to make-do!

2000 Points, Blood Angels

Mephiston, Lord of Death
Librarian (powers as you prefer)

2 x Furioso Dreadnought
1 Sanguinary Priest

1 x 8 Death Company, Bolters, 2 with Power Weapons in Rhino
2 x 8 Assault Squad, 1 Meltagun, PF Sarg in Razorback, Lascannon and TL Plasma Gun
1 x 7 Assault Squad, 1 Meltagun, PF Sarg in Razorback, Lascannon and TL Plasma Gun

Heavy Support
2 x Autolas Predator
1 x Rifleman Dread

Explanation: Mephiston is Ahiriman, or your prefered uber-psyker.
Librarian attach to the DC to become your "Thousand sons" led by sorcerer.
Priest attaches to the 7 man assault squad to give you 3 worldeaters squads on foot (no, really) and 3 razorbacks for firesupport.
2 Furioso Dreads are your "crazy World Eater Dreads"
The rest is there to semi-fit in with the CSM codex.
As the CSM dex has no attack bikes, or speeders, we can assume that swapping back to the good side doesn't mean they amazingly find those in the shed out the back :) I am sure however, that over the millenia, the logic of bolting a gun to the top of their rhinos HAS occured to them :)

2000 Points, Space Wolves

1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader
     Wolftooth Necklace; Saga of the Warrior Born; 2x Frost Blade
1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader
     Wolftooth Necklace; Saga of the Beastslayer; 2x Frost Blade; Melta Bombs
1 Rune Priest
     Chooser of the Slain; Wolf Tail Talisman; Runic Armour; Living Lightning;
     Tempest's Wrath;
1 Rune Priest
     Wolf Tail Talisman; Runic Armour; Living Lightning; Murderous Hurricane;
7 Blood Claws Pack, Flamer, Lucas the Trickster
     Razorback TL Heavy Flamer
7 Blood Claws Pack; Power Wep.; Flamer;
     Razorback TL Heavy Flamer
2 x 8 Grey Hunter Pack; Meltagun; Mark of the Wulfen
Heavy Support
3 x 4 Long Fangs Pack, Missile Launcher (x4); Squad Leader
     1 Razorback Lascannon and TL Plasma Gun

Small List, but fluffy.

The Grey Hunters are your 1k Sons. Attach the Priests here.
The Blood Claws are your Beserkers. Attach the WGBL here.

Go forth and fight in the name of the emporer

Now,  the assembled Pink Army...
Can you do better lists in the theme?
Sage, Thoughts?

17 pinkments:

Iggy said...

I'm not going to comment on the competitiveness of the lists, as there are others who are much better at that than me. However, I have a hard time imagining DC as Tsons. In fact, when you said berzerkers were angry and all about CC I thought you'd be using DC as berzerkers. I'm not sure what the Tsons could count as, but since they're unnaturally tough and all that, I'd look into making sure the Tsons have FNP, which means the sang priests could be Tson heroes or something.


Anonymous said...

I think LotD would probably be a better choice for 1KSons, but finding a replacement for World Eaters in C:SM would be more difficult.

Do they need to be from the same dex/in the same list... or could they be in different lists?

Max said...

I have to agree with iggy, the death co don't seem terribly 1k son-ish. When I think of the sons I think ap 3 bolters. You know who has those? Sternguard. Give them a priest for toughness, use asm and priest as berserkers and you are home free.

As far as the wolves are concerned... I'm not really seeing the sons there either. Maybe a wolfguard squad kitted out with storm shields and plas for the invul and armor denying schtick they have. Not good by any means but certainly fluffier.

Anonymous said...

I agree with iggy. The DC should be berzerkers it just fits too well, furious charge, FNP to represent the psycho-lobotomy, WS5 and extra attacks represent CC monsters, not walking automata. Hell, I even have old world eaters models with bolters if you like the relentless bolter route.

Tsons could be represented by tacticals with a multi-melta, flamer, PW sarge, and a sanguinary priest. The special weapons and priest all represent sorcerers. The multi-melta represents a bolt of tzeentch, the flamer represents flames of tzeentch/pink fire/etc, the PW sarge has a "force weapon", and the priest is using his psychic powers to repair the rubrik marines (tacs with bolters) and ward his fellow sorcerers from harm (FNP).


VT2 said...

Wolves make the best counts-as for this legion.

Sage said...

Basically, the idea comes from this bit of writefaggory:

It's all part of my 'introductory' post to 3++. But I want this to be part of a competitive setting, so I'd like some competitive army lists to go with it.

The Zerkers actually lose their rage, because you know, waking up, and realizing who you were and what you've become doesn't make you crazy for Khorne.

The Tsons were as an additional thing. Basically taking some lists with tons of marines, then swapping out models to make them awesomely fluffy as well.

Sage said...

Oh, and the reason why I'm asking for lists is: I don't know Rines well and I don't have the books. I'm looking for general suggestions, but I'll get the books somehow, then choose lists that are both competitive and awesome.

Sage said...

Towards psykers, I was actually thinking of grabbing one or two models, but the idea is they strayed from the Emprah's path, and thus have shut themselves off from the Warp till they've proven themselves worthy. Basically, SM/Sorcerer/Librarians with funky anti-psyker seals on them.

fester said...

Zerkers will still have Rage. Lobotomies don't just go away, ya know :)

Sage said...

Well, yeah, but we're dealing with Magic, Fester. They'll still have rage, it's just they'll rage against Chaos and still be human-ish afterwards.

Anonymous said...

They put the brains back in...


Sage said...

They're bathed in so much magic already. If it can grow things, why not their original brain?

fester said...

Why not Sage? Because I would have to rewrite the lists!

I personally prefer the Wolves list over the BA list.

Maybe cutting the BA over to sterns for 1k sons might work too

Sage said...

Honestly Fester, Tsons are just another chapter that I could throw into this. I need mostly unaltered space marines for this (otherwise they're more Chaos then man).

VT2 said...

So wolves.
The only thing that makes them different is the helix, and it only rarely has negative effects on them.

They're so resistant to the warp, their psykers pretty much bathe in magic without even risking corruption.

Sage said...

Yeah, VT, I'm talking about Chaos Marines who turned back here, and use another Marines codex for rules. I'm not sure how wolves would play into this, beyond being one of the many rulesets I could use (and possibly being decent for a marine heavy army).

fester said...

What fluff do you want for the original warband. This will decide what the list looks like, as this is a story-based army.

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