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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Email in: 1750 Eldar Tournament Tunning


First, sorry for any grammar errors...English is not my first language. I'm Portuguese. Your English is much better than my Portuguese!

I've been reading your blog and YTTH for a few months now. Very good tactics and advice and really enjoyable to read

I've played for a while with a JetCouncil...then the Pshycic Hood Spam arrive...and bye bye Council.

Currently using a S6 Mech Spam, this one:

DoomSeer and RoW
Autarch FG
2x5 FD in Wave with TL ShCann
2x5 DA in WS with TL BL
5 DA
Falcon, SL, HF
2x3 Vypers

The best that Eldar can offer!...meh... think...

I'll be taking my Eldar to THE 40K Tournament. It is a 2 day tournament, 1750pts list, with 5 games.

Missions are :

Seize Ground (3 objectivos) / Spearhead Deployment
Annihilation / Dawn of War Deployment)
Seize Ground (5 objectivos) / Pitched Battle Deployment
Capture & Control / Pitched Battle Deployment
Annihilation / Spearhead Deployment

Problem is the Objective missions. I was thinking to drop one of the Vypers Squadron to add a fourth Troops,  a 6xJetbike squad (and have to drop the Falvon for a TL BL Wave Serpent). What do you think? Is it worth dropping firepower for a extra scoring unit?


Sorry this took me some time to get to Luis, hope the tournament hasn't come and gone! Thesis is nearly done everyone, just proof-reading and adding in references. yay! I then might go into a coma...

So the list. I'd leave it as it is. Just to check, what are the Vypers running? 2x SC or SC/SL? And do all of the tanks have underslung Shuriken Cannons? Those are the things you want to focus on. You've got three relatively durable Troops in terms of hiding in Tanks, especially the Falcon DA. If your opponent wants to focus on your Troops your Prisms, Vypers and Dragons are all getting free reign which is fine for you. So basically I'd leave as is; solid Eldar list.

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