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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Email in: Blood Angel list advice [2000]

"Heya Team Pink,

Another Blood Angel list for your perusal and critique. I started 40K just when fifth came out and so am a relative noob. I played LotR previously to that but only with friends and never really competitively.

Anyways, I started Blood Angels because I got some old BA minis cheap to begin with and I like the assault. And let's face it, when you are a student a free PDF codex is appealing. So I started there and read anything blood angels related in the web, aka jawaballs.

Onto the new codex and Blood Angels interest being everywhere, including your blog, on the internets. I have been gathering list advice constantly, and have had several list incarnations over the last 2 years. I mostly ran mech armies, inasmuch as I could with limited models, but have been wanting to do a foot/jumper list lately. So here is my latest creation for you to critique and hopefully help me shape into an effective and tournament winning army. I'm not a terrible player, mostly just inexperienced. I have played only one tournament, and ended up with second place, granted there were only 8 players. You can see the history of my Blood Angels at my humble blog, Shameless plug, I know.

Here is the list:

Libby with JP, Shield and Lance
HG with 4x melta

Techmarine x2 JP, PW, Combi-melta
Sanguinary Priest x2 2x JP and one naked Is this 3 Priests? 2 w/JP and one on foot?

4x Assault Squad, 10 man units, 2x melta, PW on sarge

3x Devastator squads, 5 man units, 4x ML

Total is 2000 points.
12 ML, 12 melta, 2 combi melta. 4 Chalices across 66 angry red marines.

Odds are I drop in only the Techmarines and HG squad, and start the remainder on the board. One priest is there to babysit the Devs in their 3+ cover ruins from the Techies. I know I lose target saturation without combat-squaded Devs, but I don't know how to fit in the extra bodies. I am also considering dropping the melta from one or two of the Ass. squads for flamers in case I meet a horde army.

What are your thoughts? Any help would be appreciated, a lot even.


With 12 ML + BA assault you don't need horde control (though hand-flamers wouldn't be amiss) as it's built into your assault. I'm not a huge fan of the Techmarines and Jump Packs but I like the idea of 3+ cover. Is it worth it though? I think in a different style list yes but not necessarily here. What I'd do is drop the Techs and an ASM squad (30 FNP marines at 2000 is enough scoring) and add in 2 Sanguinary Guard units. You'd need to shave some points (maybe drop to 3 ML per squad) to fit the two squads in and add the 2x SG units but it ads quite a bit of combat punch whilst not taking much away.

If you wanted to keep the Techpriests I'd simply drop the extra ASM squad and either grab another HG squad & assorted upgrades or expand the Dev squads (should be able to get 2 to full strength) and assorted upgrades. With assorted upgrades I'd be looking at Powerfists for the ASM squads so Devs/MC don't much you if they make it into combat with you.

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