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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Email in: Comp, list help

"Dear Kirby,

Since you're used to dealing with comp in your area, I figured you'd be the best to contact on the manner. So here's my dilemma, I have a heavily comped GT coming up and from the looks of the missions, it seems to favor those whom can win by a sizable margin of VP and KP. Unfortunately, I've always played a redundant codex marine list, and while not flashy, it can take a pounding and at the end of the game, I'm the one winning. According to this comp though, you get penalized for taking redundant units. So I'm at a total loss on how to build a SM list that's not redundant but can put a beating on someone first, and worry about objectives later.


I don't really deal with comp because I basically ignore it. That would be my advise here :P but penalised how and what is classified as redundent? If you change wargear does it matter or are you still penalised? How much are you penalised for having two flamer/MM/rhino tac squads or 2 dakka preds for example? If you aren't penalised heavily for having the same units but different wargear I'd just swap some wargear in and out. Add combis, dozer blades, hunter killers, combat weapons, etc to change up units from exact duplicates. If you're still penalised for that I'd prob look at taking a couple duplicates of Predators and Tacticals and you can split things up elsewhere. Sternguard/Dreads can split roles and same with Speeders/Attack Bikes.

I'd again lean towards ignoring comp, pointing out that it just changes the system to the TO's and play with what you usually do but that's just my (strong) opinion.

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