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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Island of Blood arrives & Dark Eldar Advance Orders!

Ya, it finally arrived. Three boxes of shiny Island of Blood, the final two tanks for my Space Marine armies and two Iron Hand squads for Vince (with the meltaguns, flamers, beakie heads and missile launchers mysteriously missing...). Once my thesis is over, my job is settled (I get a contract next week I hope!), we figure out where we're going to move, I stop drooling over the new Dark Eldar and I roughly decide on what army to take to Centurion, why I might actually play some Fantasy! Coming this fall 2013 lol. I'm sure it won't take that long but exciting news for anyone who pays attention to my Fantasy articles as playing obviously gives one a better insight (except in 40k where my crystal ball tells me all. It's pink. Nuff said. Ok fine shut up, I'm chuffed.). With the final Pred and RBack I've got 7 Space Marine chassis (I may need one or two more for some lists but they aren't in the foreseeable future such as BA Flamestorm), 6 speeders, 4 dreadnoughts and a large assortment of Marines. All I need now are some extra special weapons, more beakies and missile launchers and bob's your uncle! (this is a call out for beakies btw). Here's the shiny pic all the way from England via Wayland games (use the banner!):

What a nice dresser, too. The two Citadel boxes are Vince's Iron Fists which is most likely why this order took forever (approaching 3 weeks but once shipped only took 8ish working days). I haven't had a chance yet to open the boxes but will do a full review and some pics once I get them snapped together (and btw if anyone needs some extra rulebooks, Mages, IoB books or Princes, well I've got some for sale!).

And onto the next part of this post. Dark Eldar are up for sale. This includes the new Raider, Warriors (Kabalite), Incubi, Archon, Lelith, Reaver Jetbike and Wyches models with hopefully more to come in a second wave. Whilst there are a bunch of rumors flying around right now on what the rules are like, we'll wait until I can get my grubby pink paws on a copy before we start to speculate on army concepts but I imagine I will be hard-pressed not to buy a bunch of stuff. Hard-pressed. Hopefully the rules will match the models and the FAQ won't fudge them their flexibility like the Tyranids. I would advise severe caution upon buying DE models because of this and whilst it may hurt GW's bottom line, they did it to themselves with their dodgy FAQ. We know they can do good FAQs now, let's get a good Xenos FAQ to go with a good codex please.

And finally, blog notes. I've skipped on the ratings system as it was too much effort but I've had some complaints about loading in Internet Explorer. Apparently the layout goes all wonky on the main page (selecting a post fixes the problem) so if anyone else is having this problem let me know. It works fine in Opera, Chrome and Firefox on my computer so my advice is to switch to a better browser :P. Any other issues let me know. I also think the new comment system, along with the CHATBAWKS, is going really well and hope to see more individuals commenting (including some old regulars). It's just a new account guys!

Anything else and now is another time to mention it.

P.S. I only have 7 e-mails in my inbox to get through! SEVEN dating back to October 3rd. This is like...a record since I've started having a backlog. *cue 20 e-mails coming in*

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