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Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Dark Eldar...more!? & Venom conversion [c. 1998]

One of my biggest annoyances with GW with the new DE codex was a lack of models. There are so many new units and all of the old stuff is pretty crap and they only released a handful of new boxed sets? Now maybe I live under a rock but a second wave has already been released and is up for pre-order. Who knows if they will add more (and quickly) such as the Venom, Beasts and Scourges but it's nice to know people won't be madly converting and proxying everything for the moment... So here's a few pics (how awesome is the webway portal!?) and also a pic of my very old converted Vyper for which I did back when VDR was allowed (1999?). Pretty bad paint quality but you get the gist of what a Venom could look like with a bit of work. I did this when I was young so pretty sure one can find a better conversion but it at least gives you some ideas.

First off the new DE models which include Hellions, Urien (expensive Haemonculus special character), the webway portal seen above, Mandrakes and the Ravager!

And then here's the pics of the dodgy painted and converted 'Venom' to give ideas to people.

And them Chumby went and showed everyone this (what an asshole and way to make my old ass Venom look crapper!):

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