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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thesis Done!

Well it's all complete minus my final proof-read so things should get back to 'normal' soon. Exam on Wednesday and my new job starts in two weeks (but only lasts for two months :() but otherwise except some pinkilating articles at some point! A big thanks again to everyone who helped me out with data collection and once everything is marked I should have a pdf up for anyone to read through if you'd like the gist of the results I can talk about it in the comments section.

Thanks also to the other authors of 3++ for keeping the content coming as needed! We all love you!

Anyway, hopefully after Wednesday I can get down to some painting and start getting in test games for both Vanilla Mech and Bloodhammer as they seem to be the two armies people want me to run for Centurion (with some Tyranid games smattered in there). If I'm super diligent I should have 30 Marines fully painted by the end of the year and I'd like to stick to that but I unfortunately know my painting ethics are...well terrible lol. So you need to yell at me to paint people!

Anyway, another good opportunity to drop any requests, comments on layout, 3++ in general, etc. would be now as well.

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