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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Building and painting a Gaming Board in 1 month (Part 1): an introduction.

So after collecting my Space Wolf army which you can read all about by clicking on the Tag “Rupert” in the tag cloud I figured it was about time I had a nice table to play on.

So first things first was how to make it? There are multiple options available ranging from DIY board and scenery, to the beautiful, yet expensive and in my opinion not representative of tournament play GW Realm of Battle board.

I want a mixture of terrain so hills, woods, ruins AND big LoS blocking terrain, some impassable, some not, and, of corse a 6x4 board!

To do a full board with the GW pre-made stuff would set me back at least £300 and whilst that isn’t such a huge amount I reckon it can be done for far less and I can get LOTS more terrain too!

So I went and bought the following:
3 sheets of 2’x4’ 10mm ply – (for the 6’x4’ board).
2 sheets of 2’x4’ 3 mm hardboard – (for basing the terrain pieces).
3 sheets of 2’x4’ 20mm polystyrene insulation – (for making hills and such).
2 boxes of Pegasus Hobbies Ruined Gothic Buildings
1 box of Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Cathedral
1 bag of Woodland Scenics 3-5” Tree armatures
1 bag of Woodland Scenics Special Flock Stuff (can’t remember the exact name atm)
1 Hot Wire Cutter
1 Tin of black paint
1 tub of GW static grass

The following items I could scrounge off family:
Builders sand

All in all the purchases came to about £120 so not too bad and I reckon I’ll have enough terrain for two 6’x4’ boards to boot!

My next post will go over the initial building stages of the different pieces of terrain and the board!

What I can confirm so far is the Pegasus Hobbies terrain is awesome! Hot wire cutters are made of win and Woodland Scenics armatures are amazing (10 woods for £20?).

I leave you with a photo of the hills in a semi made state!

Until next time! xx

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