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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Email in: 1750 Hybrid Guard for Centurion

"Hi Kirby,
I'm looking at making a Hybrid Guard army for Centurion. This is the list I was looking at running:

Company Command Squad - 2x Meltaguns, AC HWT, Chimera 135 pts

Platoon Command Squad - 2x Meltaguns, AC HWT, Chimera 115 pts
Infantry Platoon - Commissar, AC HWT 105 pts
Infantry Platoon - Meltagun, AC HWT 70 pts
Infantry Platoon - Meltagun, AC HWT 70 pts
Veteran Squad - 3x Meltagun, AC HWT, Chimera 165 pts
Veteran Squad - 3x Meltagun, AC HWT, Chimera 165 pts

Psyker Battle Squad - 9 Psykers, Chimera 165 pts
Psyker Battle Squad - 9 Psykers, Chimera 165 pts

Devil Dog 120 pts
Devil Dog 120 pts

Leman Russ Battle Tank 150 pts
Leman Russ Battle Tank 150 pts

Total= 1695 pts

I've got 55 points left and I'm not sure what to add, was thinking maybe another Infantry Squad for the bubblewrap?
I decided to swap the Medusa from your list to Leman Russ, mostly because I want to build a couple of them.
So would this list be competitive, or what can I change/add to improve it?
A few other things I was wondering, would adding Straken be worthwhile to give the bubblewrap counter attack?
Would an alternative build using Marbo, deepstriking Storm Troopers, and an Astropath be competitive?
Would Hydras be worthwhile in this list? or are they fairly useless with all the AC HWT's already included?


Ooo a centurion list. I should sabotage it. Take as many punishers as possible. Plus penal legion. Go. ...

Anyway, couple of quick early changes I'd do. Platoon Command squad should be as many flamers as possible; drop the AC and meltaguns there. Otherwise your setup is pretty good across the army. What I might add are some scout sents for outflanking fun or a Hydra Squadron. You've got some really good anti-infantry with a lot of blasts and Chimera hulls and you've got your anti-heavy tank reliably covered with Devil Dogs and autocannons but your suppression fire is a bit on the low side. Chimera MLs and ACs from BS3 infantry only go so far (even with orders).

Adding in some AC/HKM sents or a 2x1 Hydra squadron could really help in that department though we'd have to find some points. We've got 70 points to play with assuming we switch the PCS to 3x flamers and need about 80 more. One easy way is to drop a Devil Dog but then you're stuck with just s single model there which isn't so flash. Dropping a couple of psykers from each squad will give us some points but not many in the end so to add something you'd have to drop something but again, you'd have to lose some redundancy to do this. This either means dropping two of something and changing the list or changing the list by removing the bubble-wrap (essentially giving you 415 free points).

At this point I'd probably go this route. Hybrid Guard is drop dead amazing defensively but you don't really have a backline you need to protect such as Manticores/Medusas/Hydras/etc. Obviously adding in Hydras is going to add something here but with only two of them it shouldn't be a huge problem and we can make our midfield push more significant. So using those points let's add in a Hydra squadron of two setting us back 150. We need to increase out midfield presence so another meltavet squad loses us 165 and leaves us with 100. Just enough for two scout sents with AC/HKM (I'd put these in two squads and have the devil dogs in one squad).

This gains us 5 armored targets and some net suppression firepower whilst increasing our midfield presence and adding some disruption. However, we do lose some backfield scoring ability and a big infantry blob which can be hard for some opponent's to remove. In that case it comes down to what do you want more? The infantry blob or more vehicles with better suppression fire. If you wanted to keep the infantry blob then I would agree with your assessment for another infantry squad with AC (but still change the PCS to flamers).

So the two lists would look something like:

CCS w/2x meltagun, AC, Chimera (all Chimeras ML/HF)
2x9x PBS w/Chimera
3x10x Vets w/3xmeltagun, Chimera
1x 2x Devildogs
2x Scout Sent w/AC, HKM
2x Leman Russ
1x 2x Hydra


CCS w/2x meltagun, AC, Chimera
2x9x PBS w/Chimera
2x10x Vets w/3 meltaguns, Chimera
PCS w/3 flamers, Chimera
3x10x Infantry Platoon w/AC, meltagun
10x Infantry Platoon w/AC, Commissar
2x Devil Dogs
2x Leman Russ

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