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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Email in: Triple Land Raider BA list.

"On BOLS, Jawaballs does a write-up of Mechanicon:

I saw this army: (shown to the left)

Near as I can tell the list at 1850 is:

Mephiston - Presumably flying, but maybe he can hitch a ride in a 'Raider
A pair of 5 man Assault Squads (each with a Meltagun), one in the Razorback, and the other in the Godhammer
A pair of 5 man Assault Terminator Squads in Redeemers, each with a Sanguinary Priest (I think)

How is an army this one dimensional even competitive? If you remember, I am the one with two Crusaders and 10 Thundernators. I have encountered Sanguinary Priests; they hardly even slow me down. But I have never played against Meph. Is he really so awesome that one can make a competitive army around him with almost no long range support at all? I don't see one Razor and a Godhammer as adequate in a nearly 2000 point game. I am well aware of the limitations of my own list, and it seems like this BA list has compounded those limitations in exchange for Meph and a wholly unnecessary Godhammer. I really struggle against MSU lists, and especially those with suicide"

In a word; it's not. It's a rock-paper-scissors army and anything it comes up against which can't deal with 3 AV14 tanks will lose. Anything which can or which can simply dominate board control will roll it. Properly built Eldar, DE jump to mind as the obvious papers here but also any imperial army with appropriate melta or in the case of IG, S10 ord will have a field day. Tyranids will struggle with the actual Land Raider chassis but will be quite happy to gobble up what ever is inside. Tau can quite easily block the Raiders and wait for railguns to take them down after their support has been ripped away. Etc. So basically a balanced list trumps this.

It's a different mindset to play against this type of army. You're looking to lead them around by the nose until your break the Raiders rather than tackling them head-on. I've seena lot of players with these lists win because that's what their opponent does. That's playing into their strengths and why they can win games they shouldn't. Does anyone know who beat him at BFS (apparently he 'nearly' won according to Jawaballs; he being Alex Fennel)? I imagine it would of been a balanced list which can deal with actual AV14 spam.

Meph is a beast but he doesn't make an army competitive by himself. He has his limitations (no invul and not IC) but once he gets into combat expect him to eat units. Same with Terminators so they need to be fed units rather than trying to take them on head to head in combat.

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