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Friday, November 5, 2010

Email in: Army Question: [Space Wolves]


I follow the blog and enjoy it very much.  I'm writing in to get an opinion on a list, but it leads into more of an "appropriate unit choice" arena.  I am looking at putting together a SW calvary dominated list and I ran into a hitch when it comes to the heavy support and troop details.  Now, the majority of SW players roll with long fangs + missile launchers instead of predators for more target options, easier cover saves, and no shaken results.  I'm not going to argue against that, but due to money concerns (and the lack of ML in devastator boxes) I'm looking at predators as an option.  The question to you is: is this a terrible choice (i.e. am I performing competitive suicide)?  Here are the 1500 point lists (with Long Fangs vs Predators):

Wolf Lord (TW,2xWC,Warrior Born, 2x Wolves) 240

(2x) Iron Priest (TW, 4x Cyber) 310

Fast Attack
(2x) 4 TWC (PF, Boltgun, Melta B) 460


(3x) 5 Grey Hunters (MG) 155

Heavy Support
(2x) 5 Long Fangs (4x ML) 230


(2x) 5 Grey Hunters (MG, Rhino) 230
(1x) 5 Grey Hunters (MG) 85

Heavy Support
(2x) Predator (AC, HBs) 170

The benefits I can see from the predator selection is using the rhinos as cover for moving up the TWC, whereas with the long fangs list my troops are a bit naked.  I wanted a list that scales up well and these both scale nicely from 1500 to 2000 just by filling out the empty force org slots.  I'd appreciate some good advice before I purchase my heavy supports.

P.S. A question for the community: I'm into elite armies and wondered what peoples thoughts were on a good non-marine elite capable army?"

The simple and quick answer is long fangs. They offer a lot more firepower to your army and fit perfectly with the foot aspect of TWC. However, you've only got 15 scoring Troops and whilst being on foot is fine with the TWC and Long Fangs, you need more than that. I'd drop the TWC squads down to 3 members each (dropping the boltgun guy) which should open up the points to pack in two 10x GH squads with double meltaguns and some upgrades like MotW, combat weapon and standard. As you scale up to 2000 you simply add in new squads. New LF, new GH, new TWC, new Iron Priest and potentially a Rune Priest or another Wolf Lord. All of these would obviously be more than 2000 points so it gives you some flexibility in what you add in as you scale up.

In regards to why no Preds, it's lack of saturation. Although you add in the Rhinos and can 'hide' the TWC with them, the Preds don't put out nearly as much firepower as the Long Fangs, have less damage potential in not being able to split fire and there are only 4-5 tanks on the field which means they are very likely to be targeted since your TWC will be hiding. As stated above, staying with Long Fangs and foot Grey Hunters leaves you with a full foot army and your Iron Priests can screen the TWC (puppies take hits) and makes your opponent's anti-tank inefficient whilst you still have the mobility and suppression fire to deal with mech.

In regards to expenses...find an IG player and trade (or ask) them for their missile launchers. Rupert will hopefully be doing a tutorial soon on how he converted his but it shouldn't be too difficult and is obviously a lot cheaper than buying individual missile launchers from bitz sites. Otherwise you can try and trade for SM missile launchers with other players.

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