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Friday, November 5, 2010

Email in: BA Jumper list

"Hey Kirby,

     Great site and probly the biggest collection of BA jumper lists I have found yet.  I've been contemplating starting a BA army, but I want something unique.  Sooooo jumpers it is.  Around here we play 2500 most of the time.  Here's what I'm working with:
Librarian- Blood Lance and Shield
Honor Guard 1 -  Fist, Lightning Claw, Lightning Claw, Flamer, 4 Storm Shields
Honor Guard 2 -  Fist, Lightning Claw, Lightning Claw, Meltagun, 4 Storm Shields
Sang Priest X3
Sang Guard - Fist, 4 Glaives, 2 Infernus Pistols, 3 Angelus Boltguns, Banner
4 Squads of 10 with:  Sgt - Hand Flamer, Thunder Hammer
                               2 Melta Gunners
Since every list I've seen on the net has VV's in it, I'm considering them, but for some reason they just don't do it for me.  Having 2 squads of HG w/SS's should work to screen well.  I know the TH's may not be the best buy, but the added benefit against vehicles could prove helpful and tbh I think they look sweet on a JP model.  Anyways, what do you think?

The VV don't only add SS, they allow assaults on the deep-strike which is important for clearing bubble-wraps. If you don't want to take them that's okay but you will have trouble against people throwing useless units at you for an extra turn as you can't tie up defensive units early on. This will cause problems against Hybrid IG, Tyranids and Tau lists. Other than that there are a few changes we can make.

Four troops is too many but their setups are fine (I agree on the TH, they look plain; we'll drop one of those. 3x Priests + 2x HG is excessive in terms of FNP/FC bubbles even if the HG are going to be in assault a lot so we can drop a Priest (I'm assuming they all have JP? You didn't specify) which gives us 325 points to play with. We can also drop the Banner off the SG squad. It's a nice bonus but more squads is better in the end. Also, Sanguinor isn't needed. He's okay but not really needed. Replacing him with another Libby is a good idea and saves a bunch of points. With these points you easily have enough points for a couple of VV squads if you'd like otherwise we'll add in another SG squad (and can potentially add in a VV squad) with a similar setup and add in some more weapons on the HG such as meltaguns and LClaws. 

What these changes do is keep your melta levels the same but adds more combat prowess with the SG and potentially more weapons on the HG. I think I'd prefer adding in SG + VV but points may be tight. However, even just one squad on the drop can help deny bubble-wrap units from really affecting your army which could delay your real punch until T3/4 rather than T2/3.

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