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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Email in: BA dual raven list?

"Hello sir,

Do you think a dual raven list with th/ss termies inside could work? Here is a 1750 points list that I came up with, but I'd appreciate your input on it. I also attached a pic of one of my sanguinary priests. I'm painting the army as flesh tearers.

Librarian with Unleash Rage, shield of sanguinius

10 th/ss termies
2 Sanguinary Priests
Furioso Dreadnought with magna grapple and extra armour

10 Assault Marines without jump packs
10 Assault Marines without jump packs

Storm Raven with TL-multi-melta, TL-plasma cannon, extra armour
Storm Raven with TL-multi-melta, TL-plasma cannon, extra armour
Dreadnought with Multi-melta


First off, sweet looking Priest ^^. In regards to the list, it's pretty decent for what you're asking but I just don't think Dual ravens (like dual Raiders) works at anything below 2000 and even then I think it's hard to make a solid list. What ends up happening is you have 4 targets essentially on the table and those targets are a max of AV12 (even if melta doesn't get the bonus pen die). Not too hard for an opponent to bust that formation up. I think if you're set on using the Ravens ASM should come down in Pods (maybe 3x5 ASM w/meltagun, Infernous, Pod) and grab some speeders to help with armor saturation.

The Furioso needs to lose some upgrades as well such as EA and maybe don't run all of the Terminators as TH/SS. 6 TH/SS and 4 LClaws should be sufficient (or 5 and 5) and then you can gain the Furious Charge advantage. Again, it won't be the most competitive of lists because it's very vulnerable to being stopped early. If your opponent knocks even one Raven out of the sky you're not going to be happy and if they drop obht on T1, well you'll be very, very unhappy.

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