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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Email in: Eldar help [1700]

"Hi Kirby,

Black_rose_00 here again for advice. Now that I have a good army (my space wolfs) to fall back to for the upcoming tournaments I feel the need to play a non-marine codex. Imperial guard, orks, deamons, eldar are all races I would love to have but since I already own a ton of eldar, I'll start building a good list with them so I do not have to much to spend.

I've looked around the net and found pretty good lists but none feel right for me. I play 1700 in my area and I haven't played my eldar since 3ed.

Here is the list so far.

Farseer, RoW, Guide

5 Fire dragons in a wave serpent, chin cannon, turret twin EML
5 Fire dragons in a wave serpent, chin cannon, turret twin EML

5 dire avengers in a wave serpent, chin cannon, turret twin EML
5 dire avengers in a wave serpent, chin cannon, turret twin EML

5 Dire avengers
5 Dire avengers
5 Dire avengers

Vyper, double shuriken cannon
Vyper, double shuriken cannon
Vyper, double shuriken cannon

Falcon, EML, chin cannon
Falcon, EML, chin cannon
Falcon, EML, chin cannon

1685 points so far and 15 points left.

The questions I have:

1. Do I need 5 troops? We play in nova style games so always 5 objectives.
2. EML vs scatter laser? Scatter laser is better against hordes and against AV 10-11 but EML can hurt AV12-13 and has a small template against hordes.
3. 10 Guardians with flamers a good choice instead of dire avengers even if they cost a little more?
4. Farseer does he have the proper power or fortune would be better?
5. Farseer or Autarch with fusion gun as HQ or a SC?

Like I said I haven't played my eldar since 3ed so any advice to get a good list on the way would be great.

For your information, I do not own a jetbike council yet but plan on building one eventually. I only have 5 vypers so a list with 9 is a no-go (6 is ok). I own 12 waveserpent/falcon/fire prism hulls so that is not a problem.

Thank you and have a nice day


1) Yes and no. Eldar Troops suck at surviving so want as many as possible but 5 does seem a wee bit excessive. However, when you consider it's only 60 points to upgrade a Falcon to scoring, why not?
2) I'd prefer to see Scatters or Shurikens on the Dragon serpents and BLs on the DA Serpents to be honest. Dragon Serpents don't want to draw more attention to themselves and you need to be able to deal with AV14 at range even if BLs are inefficient they give you that opportunity. EMLs are nice on the Falcon though.
3) Certainly, especially when you have 3 DAVU Falcons. The problem with Stormies is they need to hop out to do anything and whilst 3 'specials' with a Warlock is pretty good, they generally die the next turn.
4) Doom should always be your first pick.
5) Farseer works, so does an Autarch just depends what you are looking for ^^.

So with all that in mind I think we should change your list so your scoring is on your Falcons only, up to 6 Vypers and try and grab 3 Dragon Serpents and maybe some Storm Guardians but I doubt we will have points. So we get the following...

Farseer w/RoWard, Doom
3x 5x Dragons w/Wave Serpent w/underslung cannon, TL-scatter lasers
3x 5x Dire Avengers
2x 2x Vypers w/double shuri cannon
3x Falcon w/Holo-fields, underslung cannon, EML

At 1670 points so we can upgrade some of the scatter lasers to EMLs or BLs if you'd like, upgrade the Vypers to SC/SL or add some spirit stones here and there. You lose out in the number of AV12 platforms by 1 but your Falcons are a lot tougher and your anti-tank is more solid whilst increasing your S6 output and maintaining the army's feel and concept. At higher point values you can bring in more Vypers and add in those Storm Guardians or if you didn't want to run Tri-Falcon you could drop one, add in a Prism and have more points to play with.

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