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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Email in: Dear Doctor Kirby, can you review my 1250 tau list?

"Ok, so I've got this list for the [Un]Official Penny Arcade 40k Gaming League (Season 2.5 The Challengeing) (those who want to join it can, as it's designed to be joined mid-play!). So, I need a list, but not just any list. I need to chop up this list. It'll fit into 1 750 point core, and I then make 4 250 point blocks. I then use the 750 point core + 2 250 point blocks to make Volt-I mean my 1250 list. So far, I've got this, and am at something of a loss of where to go:

Shas'el: TL-missle pod, target Lock - 73

Crisis Suits x 2: plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker - 124
Crisis Suits x 2: plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker - 124
Crisis Suits x 2: plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker - 124

Firewarriors x 6 - 60
Kroot x 10 - 70
Kroot x 10 - 70
Devilfish w/ disruption pod - 85

Piranha: Fusion Blaster - 65

Broadside x 2:ASS, team leader /w hard-wired target lock - 170
Hammerhead: Railgun, Burst Cannon, multi-tracker, disruption pod - 165

Which totals to 1130/1250. Now there are several things I could add here (pathfinders for ~70ish points), but I'd really like to get another vehicle hull in there for cover on the suits. On the other hand, I could just go for MOAR SUITS, but they'd wouldn't have cover at all times. Possibly, I could have then relax behind cover or something? Anyways, this all going to be on Vassal, so we're not exactly on planet cueball. I'm gonna assume that you suggest for me to get some hounds, possibly finders, and more suits (could grab another Head by dropping the fish, but that'd leave my FWs without a place to hide, as well as not really solve the cover problem).

Secondly, I need to chop these units into blocks....yeah. I'll continue to work on the list and-o-see-what-hawppins!"

Add more suits. Tau have a ridiculus amount of firepower at 1750/2000 and you can fit similar amounts in at 1000-1500. Otherwise I'd add Pathfinders. You've got enough layered defenses with the double Kroot (so ya any spare points into Hounds) and the Piranha can block any Land Raiders which need to be and otherwise delay mech armies but adding Pathfinders is an attempt to make the list as balanced as possible compared to a simple "I out shoot your a lot."

Not sure what you mean by 750 and 2x 250 blocks though? Do you have some games where you have to run 750 + block 1, 750, 750 + block 2 and 750 + both blocks or something? If so I'd attempt to make both blocks the same like a Crisis Squad and Kroot or something so you don't have any disadvantages in block 1 or block 2 games, etc.

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