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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Email in: Dec 4th Tournament - The Eldar case of "I dont wanna!"

"So tournament coming up. Wasn't going to participate cause I've already gotten really bored of playing marines, but then someone pointed out the small selection of Eldar models in the very bottom of my portable cooler... cough, cough, carrying case. I bought, assembled and painted them over 6-8 months ago and played them for about a month. There after I bubble wrapped them and put them at the bottom of my case, laid under a foam cover. Since then I refused to believe that I had bought them or played them.

Reason why I hate Eldar so much, well... There just not marines. They don't have durability, got past that by making use of there mobility and upping my game play. They don't have duality, made up for it by using a pairing strategy for each units. Most of there units can't deal with tough tanks and/or MC's, used Fire Dragon saturation to make up for that.

I think I managed to get past most of the hurdles dealing with Eldar. Now the problem. Every solution that I took involved spamming one unit or another, making it extremely boring and predictable, and in terms of tactics I have to two for one against most of my opponents units. Meaning I have to dedicate two or more units just to take out high priority or threat target. To be honest, the whole concept of Dire/Dragon/Serpent spam makes my eyes roll, and what makes me sick is that its practically one of the very few competitive builds available to Eldar. Hence I still refuse the fact I own and played an Eldar army. I know I'm going to cave in an join the tournament but I really don't want to play marines and I don't want to buy a new army.

Can I diversify this list? I want to field something other than Fire Dragons for anti-T11+, and please don't suggest EML/BL Wraithlords... There just so horrible. Anything better than Dire Avengers, doubt there is but worth asking... The list I played with is below, though the point totals maybe off by a long way.


[1] Farseer - Doom, Singing Spear - 83pts

[2] Fire Dragons (6) - Wave Serpents - Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones
- - 206pts each

[2] Dire Avengers (9) - Exarch, Dual Catapults, Blade Storm, Wave
Serpents - Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones - - 250pts each

Total: 995 pts

- Navitude"

Well the easiest way to fix your problem of duality and using the same units as everyone else is to run Storm Guardians! These guys aren't as bad as made out to be but have the minor issue of being really easy to kill once outside of their Wave Serpent. This should be mitigated somewhat at 1000 points but they just don't like seeing any sort of template with an AP value (that isn't 6). You've already got the Dire Avengers at max points anyway so they were hopping out to shoot, you're just replacing this with Storm Guardians with Fusion guns + Warlcok w/Destructor. This gives you both anti-tank and anti-infantry. You'll keep the Dragons as well but add in the DBF Exarch for the same scenario there.

Running 2x6x Dragons w/Exarch w/DBF in Serpent w/2x Cannons and 2x10x SG w/2x fusion guns w/Warlock w/Destructor, Singing Spear in Serpent w/2x Cannons + Doomseer w/Spear costs 999 points if I can remember my Warlock points correctly so fits nicely. The cannons on the Serpents is a bit disappointing (EMLs would be nice for further duality roles but don't have the points) but you're still generating 24 S6 shots from 4 different targets which is pretty good.

Eldar have issues with the current codex which you outlined pretty well and it's just part of their lot atm. I haven't used my Eldar in yonks and they are sitting in the bottom of my drawers waiting to be re-painted (i.e. next edition) but are a great change of pace from playing MEQ or Tyranids a bunch. Yes they are predictable and their armies aren't exactly varried but they do lend to fun games I find as the opponent has to deal with quite survivable AV12 if they rely on melta of any sort whilst having a lot of mobility and firepower across the board.

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