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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Email in: Chaos Space Marines 1750

"I'm attempting to construct a Chaos Space Marine list at 1750. I've ended up with a mishmash of Loyalist and Chaos models and bits and decided to put them to good use putting together a Night Lords army. So I'd like to not use anything to Daemon-y or Obliterators. I'm hoping to go with a sort of Rhino Rush I think. Here is what I have so far.

Chaos Lord with Daemon Weapon

Elites X3:
5 Chosen
3 Meltaguns
Rhino w/ havoc launcher

Troops x2:
10 CSM w/ Plasma Gun and Lascannon
Rhino w/ havoc launcher

10 CSM w/ Flamer and Missile Launcher
Rhino w/ havoc Launcher

Heavy X3:
havoc launcher

That should put me at 1625. I was thinking about upgrading the Predators some more. Or bumping up the squad size on the chosen. Or if nothing else, adding some Raptors. I know they aren't great, but they fit the theme and I do have several assault marines/raptors in this random collection.

Thanks for the help!"

Since you're doing a Rhino rush, double up the specials on the CSM as they need to be running forward. Your Chosen setups are good though I might add in a couple flamers for duality and I'd also change the Chaos Lord to a Sorc (not sure if that fits the NL fluff though). Chaos Lord brings nothing whilst the Sorc can at least bring some psychic powers to the table.

What are the Pred loadouts? Make them ACLC if they aren't as you need as much ranged firepower as possible. Static and you need to make sure you don't clog your firing lanes but they do provide good firepower since you're not using Oblits. Otherwise with the extra points I'd look at another Rhino based CSM squad or putting in some Champs (you could keep the Lord then). Personally I'd go with more Rhino squads (perhaps also don't run 3 full squads but two full squads? Could then get 5 Troops in with 3x small squads) to provide saturation and havoc launcher fun. Champs with combi-flamers are also an option though expensive (could also put combis on the Rhinos, too) for what they do.

I'd lean away from the Raptors as you've already got a punch of meltaguns rushing forward in the CSM/Chosen. Raptors just bring more expensive melta. If you've got a lot of ASM/Raptors you could always run a BA Jumper list counts-as Night Lords but that depends on how many Jumpers you have (this would also be more competitive). You could also run a Hybrid BA list with the Preds/Rhinos/Jumpers which isn't great IMO but better than the Chaos list. Up to you in that regard though as some people don't like to use other books.

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