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Monday, November 15, 2010

Email in: Erratum [Mathammer on Dreads again]

"Hey Kirby,

So I feel stupid. My calculations were more than a bit off... (check, check and check again before sending anything :s) Luckily your blog has quite a few readers who are pretty handy with stats.

I feel I owe it to your readers to be more transparant in how I exactly did my calculations so I included an excelsheet. Maybe you clould post it. Then everybody would be free to play around and improve it. Lord knows that there are plenty people out there more adept at Excel to make the sheet user-friendly, for instance.

I would like to ask an additional question:

A friend of mine is playing IG and was wondering which order gives the best avarage result when firing a HWS w/ autocannnons at a vehicle in cover, Fire on my Target (I believe that's reroll succesful cover saves) and Bring it Down (Twin-linked if I am correct). Perhaps your readers could shed some light on this...

Kind regards,


Here's the revised table...

And in regards to your question, mathematically they are the same (assuming 4+ cover) so it doesn't really matter. I'd always do twin-linked (unless 3+ cover) to ensure I'm at least forcing some rolls by my opponent by generating more hits and therefore more likely to glance/pen.

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