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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Email in: hey Kirby can u gimme some tips on this list for a competition in singapore? [1750 Space Wolves]

canis wolf born (X1 fenris wolf ) -195
Rune priest (LL, Jaws) – 100

Iron Priest (Thunder wolf Mount, x3 Cyberwolves) - 140

Grey Hunters X5 (meltagun ) Rbck, las/plas– 155
Grey Hunters X5 (meltagun ) Rbck, las/plas– 155
fenris wolf 10 - 80

Fast Attack
Thunder wolf Cavalry X3 ( Powerfist, strmshield) - 205
Thunder wolf Cavalry X3 ( Powerfist, strmshield) - 205
Thunder wolf Cavalry X3 ( Powerfist, strmshield) - 205

Heavy Support
Long fangs X5 (X3 missile launcher,1 Hvy bolter) – 110
Long fangs X5 (X3 missile launcher,1 Hvy bolter) – 110
Long fangs X4 (X3 missile launcher) – 90
thank u n best regards
Well the list is solid but to make it optimised we can go in one or two direction. One is pure foot which means dropping the RBacks and grabbing more Grey Hunters whilst the other is Hybrid where we get more Rhino chassis in there. Either way for both lists we need to improve your scoring as you've only got 10 marines at 1750 which isn't enough (I'm going to assume there are no wonky missions).
So going foot is pretty easy. We drop the LasPlas RBacks and max out the two GH squads; 20 scoring Marines on foot still isn't a lot but when you've got all those TWC/puppies running at you, you generally pay attention to them. I don't think the RP adds much to this army though as he can't hang with the Wolves to give them an Ld bonus even though his psychic ability is awesome. Dropping him allows you to snag some Wolf Guard to go in the GH squads (Ld8 is a problem for this type of army) and LF squads for ablative wounds or some disruption squads like Wolf Scouts (I'd go Wolf Guard route). Any spare points can make all the LF squads 5x Marines w/4x ML and upgrades on the Wolf Guard/GH. So something like this:
3x Wolf Guard w/2 combi-meltas, 2 power weapons
Iron priest w/TWM, 4x cyber wolves, WTN
2x 10x GH w/2x meltaguns, Banner, MotW
8x Pups
3x3x TWC w/PFist, meltabomb
3x5x LF w/4x ML
Totals: 1743 points
23 beasts
38 infantry
You lose the SS but gain some midfield relability with the Ld 9 on the GH and between the Iron Priest and Pups you'll be able to generate cover for the TWC. The LF can now also fire two missiles at each target on the initial salvo.
If you want to go the Hybrid route we need to make some more changes and it's going to be very tight on points. First we need to drop the Iron Priest and Puppies as the Rhinos from the GH will be acting as screens. We might also drop the SS from the TWC but we'll save that as a last resort. We want to increase our GH squads to about 4 with Rhinos and add LasPlas to the LF squads whilst also adding in a Wolf Guard squad if possible. Canis also doesn't gain us too much as we aren't taking advantage of Pups as Troops since we are being screened by the Rhinos/RBacks so a cheaper WGBL might be an option there. With all this in mind something along the lines of:

WGBL w/TWM, Wolf Claw
3x WG w/combi-meltas, LasPlas RBack
3x 5x GH w/meltagun, Rhino
2x 3x TWC w/PFist, SS
2x TWC w/PFist, SS
3x 5x LF w/4x ML, LasPlas RBack

Totals: 1739 points
9 beasts
33 infantry
7 vehicles

Some room to play with there obviously but at this points level I think I prefer the pure foot list. At 2000 points where you can flesh out the Rhino squads (i.e. bring more, get some power weapons in there) and add some Wolf Scouts the Hybrid list works better. Also if you're set on using Canis, he's a much better fit in the pure list.

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