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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New 40k FAQ

Well the site was down for a reason then (see the Vulkan post in the comments)! Apparently GW has updated the 40k BRB FAQ; will be interesting to see if the other books are updated anytime soon as well.

Brief thoughts; nothing amazing though being able to shove a lot of crap in people's faces will be nice (in terms of arugments...). One pinning per unit, not one pinning per weapon. Indepedent Characters now have a silly make-way! move akin to Fantasy which is unusual and means your ICs are much more vulnerable to being PFist bashed (i.e. Libbies). Extra care will be required when placing some of these models now or ensuring other models cannot be moved (i.e. base to base; the difference between the Fantasy version). Some extra clarifications on combat, vehicle explosions and the cominbation of the two (4+ cover in craters, explosion deaths count to combat resolution, etc.). Just in case it wasn't clear before, no an embarked unit cannot be targeted; thanks GW. Moving flat out transports with models inside means everything dies when the vehicle is destroyed on your own turn [own turn only see below]; do not ram with these please. Scout moves count as previous move phases so 3+* cover, smoke on vehicles, hitting vehicles in combat, etc. is all allowed on scout units. Ravenwing begs for an update now where they keep Scout (that will be a Bikerlist on steriods). Stealth is now a USR that spreads from one to many (go Telion!). Some extra clarifications on Kill Points (and IC + squad = 2 KP) and deployment via transports (yes you can deploy in a non-dedicated transport) and being blocked (yes you can be blocked and die).

Quite a few other changes but most are quite logical or pretty clear in the BRB. Nothing major; I think the biggest thing is the IC semi make-way! rule and pretty much everything else was just a clarification and shuts up quite a few arguments.

Now let's all chant for GW to change their army FAQs and fix the massive screw-up that was the Tyranid FAQ. It will help your sales GW, I promise. People will have belief in your ability to not only love Imperial armies but Xenos too and will buy more from you!

EDIT: From MarshalLaeroth further explaining why the FAQ on flat-out doesn't screw over fast transport armies:

QUOTE: "Q: If a transport vehicle is destroyed in the same turn as it 
moved flat out what happens to any embarked models? (p70) 
A: They are removed as casualties." 

This is the correct interpretation and why: This ruling is only a clarification as to what happens if you go flat out in your turn with a transport full of guys. If you happen to smash full force into terrain and fail the terrain test, the vehicle is destroyed...with all of the passengers. If you flat out ram an opponent's vehicle and accidentally destroy your transport full of guys, they all die. If you flat out tank shock a meltagun dude and he kills the vehicle, they all die. 

This does NOT include getting shot down in your opponent's turn after going flat out in your turn. There are several good reasons for this. 

1) The ruling says "the same turn as it moved flat out". That means that PLAYER'S turn, not game turn. (BRB Pg 9, Top of 2nd column). 

2) On BRB Pg 70 under 'Fast Transport Vehicles', it says that "Passengers may not embark onto or disembark from a fast vehicle if it has moved (or is going to move) flat out in that Movement phase." Key word(s): in THAT movement phase. Getting shot in your opponent's turn is a completely separate phase entirely. 

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