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Friday, November 12, 2010

Email in: Tau advice again @ 1750

"Hi Kirbs,

I've said it a few times, but it never gets old - awesome blog. Im writing in again for some feedback on my 1750 list. I've also attached some pictures of my army that i took to a 1k newbie tourney (and won!). Without further ado:

shas'el w/ tl-mp, tl - 73

3 shas'ui w/ pr, mp, mt - 186
3 shas'ui w/ pr, mp, mt - 186
2 shas'ui w/ tl-mp, flamer - 94

6 firewarriors - 60
14 kroot - 98
13 kroot - 91

2 piranha w/ fb, ta, 1 dp - 145
8 pathfinders w/ devilfish (sms, mt, ta, dp) - 216

hammerhead w/ rg, bc, mt, dp - 165
hammerhead w/ rg, bc, mt, dp - 165
3 shas'ui w/ tl-railgun, sms, ta, team leader, hw-tl, hw-dc, 2 gun drones - 270


As you've probably noticed, it is based heavily off your own style of hybrid tau. I know you're probably going to recommend I drop a broadside for the hammerhead upgrades and a crisis suit, but i think i'm gooing to stick with the 3 broadsides anyway. Local meta has a disgusting amount of armor (although that might change once DE make their mark) so for the time being the broadsides are justified (to me at least :P). I choose the kroot warriors over the hounds simply because I don't like (read: too expensive) the kroot hounds that comes in metal blisters of 2. I was wondering if it would be better to keep the two squads in 14, 13 - as currently is, or go for min/max and try a 10/17. I was wondering what you thought on the gun drones, instead of shield drones - given that your broadsides are almost always in cover anyway. Lastly, what is your take on the ta vs ass on the broadsides.
I also have a tactical question I'd like to ask regarding Tau and Dawn of War deployment. Namely, which 2 troop choices do you bring onto the table during deployment? Also, when everything 'walks' on at turn 1, how do you form an effective castle/bubblewrap while maintaining firing distances, cover and LOS?

List looks fine but I would give the Broadsides ASS over TA. TA obviously makes them more accurate but with twin-linked, you're pretty accurate already. The mobility can be very important in the initial phases of the game and if your lines are ever broken to move backwards and fire (and in DoW if you take a blacksun filter on the TL). If you don't like the Kroot Hounds or find them too expensive, Chaos Hounds from Warhammer Fantasy are a good replacement and pretty cheap/plastic which can save you a couple of points.

In relation to depends what you're playing against. Deploying the Kroot via infiltrate or normal deployment is common to ensure your opponent can't start a couple large squads at 24" away. This also helps with hiding your army behind the bubble-wrap as the Kroot aren't walking on from the board edge and you can pick where your army comes in. If you don't deploy your Kroot you'll have more difficulty coming in on the from the edge as your Kroot will only be moving 6" so you'll probably have a couple turns where your Kroot aren't protecting you and against a fast assault army, this could be bad. You won't be able to effectively BLoS to Crisis suits, etc. on the initial walk-on but you should have your 'castle' set up properly by T2 if your Kroot start on the table.

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