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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Email in: Thoughts on a Night Lords list for GW Throne of Skulls Tournament

"Hi Kirby,

Hope you’re well. As a side before I start, two things: congrats on PhD, what was it in? Did mine in psychology. Secondly... stage magician?? Links?? :D I’m a member of The Magic Circle so would be interested to see a fellow magician/Warhammer-ist.

Now onto the idea. I’ve just posted it up on my blog for feedback (list here) but thought I’d ask you directly as I’ve been a follower of your blog for some time and have liked your take on designing lists.

Looking forward to hearing from you at some point, but I understand you’re going to get many of these requests per day.



P.S. ignore the magician bit – thats somebody completely different but they showed in the same group as you on my phone’s RSS reader"

 Hey Rob. Hope this gets to you before the ToS tournament as I think it's this weekend (again, please people send in tournament dates so I can prioritise!). Anyway the list really lacks mobility and I'd drop the Raptors for Rhinos on the CSM and you don't need 5 meltaguns on the Chosen! 2 is fine but 3 would be pretty good, too. With the extra points I'd like to fit in Havoc Launchers on the Rhinos or Oblits over the Preds (not sure if that fits the Night Lord fluff though). Dropping the Raptors should also enable you to drop the JP on the Sorc and have him hitch a ride into combat.

However, if you're willing to go outside the box and use the BA codex and run a pure Jumper counts-as Night Lords list, well you get more competitive options open to you. At 1500 you could easily fit in something like 2x10x ASM, Libby, 2x SG, 2x Priest, 2x 5x Devs  or 2x10x ASM, Libby, 1x SG, 2x Priest, 2x 5x VV, etc. but not sure if you have the models or time to do up a list like this currently.

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