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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hybrid BA Part II

Progression with my BA! I recently finished assembling and fully magnetizing my hybrid BA army.  It was quite a bit of work to get everything done but wow am I glad its done.  The masses of plastic were intimidating (The Army & List) but I found once I dove in things moved along fairly quickly.

Anyhow, aside from doing the conversions for the assault cannons on the razor backs and the TL auto cannons on the dreads (which will be in a future post with tutorials) I'm on to the painting stage.  So I need to know what everyone would like to see.  I want to paint in a listed codex chapter successor color scheme, so my initial thoughts on each.

Angels Sanguine:
Interesting, like the split color, I really like the lore and mystery behind these guys.  I think this chapter offers a lot of neat possibilities.

Flesh Tearers:
I like these the colors are partitioned in a way that is neat with the black up top.  Lore is hit or miss, it's cool but sounds a bit savage, not sure if that is the feel I'm going for.

Mustard... as I've already base coated the ASM and Dreads red the yellow would end up very dark but may be interesting.  The Lamenters poor track record in battle and the supposed 'cure' could offer some interesting painting options.

Angels Encarmine:
White colored Sang Guard and Death Company... not quite sure how I feel about painting the Sang Guard and DC white but it is very unique none the less, and that is what I'm looking for.   I like the lore of constantly at the go fighting, offers some neat options to paint really battle worn looking gear.

Knights of Blood:
The color scheme is interesting, the bolt gun color is kind of cool, not sure if it would be to much when all together but offers interesting possibilities.  The renegade style of lore doesn't really suit what I'm looking for either, but still offers some neat possible painting and basing ideas.

Blood Drinkers:
Heraldry patterns exactly as laid in the Codex Astartes is pretty cool.  Lore is mediocre nothing that really jumps out at me as liking a lot, feels like another generic BA army.

Angels Vermillion:
Not really sure, much like the Blood Drinkers when I read the lore and look at these guys it just says eh... nothing really pops out at me aside from a generic BA army. 

So with this concluding I think my top three choices are:

Angels Sanguine
Flesh Tearers
Angels Encarmine

But I am definitely open to discussion about this, so lets put it to a vote; feel free to leave some comments and try to sway me or let me know why you chose what you chose.


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