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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blood Hammer versus Tyranids

There is a mini bat-rep between AbusePuppy and I 3++ - The Painting Side seen here. It's on Vassal hence why it's up over there and was me using my Blood Hammer versus a Neozilla list with Harpies, HG, T-Fex, Tervigons and Tyrant. Was a good and close game with some great fun on skype and with the audience. Ironically it has nothing to do with the discussion going on atm relating to Jumper armies but wanted to practice Centurion lists and Puppy was using Tyranids so went BA rather than my own Tyranids (silly Vassal only has one color scheme for Nids with T-Fexes).

Anywho was an enjoyable couple of hours and good practice for us both!  Apparently there was also a play-tester for GW in the chatbox today so some people may have gleaned some info. TKE, spill the beans please as you were there! lol

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