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Friday, December 3, 2010

Email in: 1000 pt Blood Angels jumpers list

"Hey Kirby,

First off, I love the blog. I found it a few weeks back and I have been engrossed ever since. So, onto the army, Angels Encarmine. I have looked through all of the recent Blood Angels lists and have noticed that none of them really go below 1500 pts, most are at 2000. I used your lists as a base and tried to downsize them to 1000 pts, but the vanguard vets are so expensive at this point total compared to the rest of the army. Here is what I have so far:

Librarian - jump pack, lance, sheild

Sanguinary Priest - jump pack
Sanguinary Priest - jump pack

Assault Squad (10) - jump pack, x2 meltagun, power fist & combat shield
Assault Squad (10) - jump pack, x2 meltagun, power fist & combat shield

Vanguard Vets (5) - jump pack, glaive & storm shield, power fist, lightning claw & storm shield

This comes to 1000 pts. The combat shields are just to use up the last 10 pts I had left. My other thought was to drop the second Priest and 5 Assault Marines and add in an Honour Guard with 2 meltaguns.

What are your thoughts? This is for a semi-competitive tournament that will soon be upping itself to 1250 pts.

Thanks a bunch!
I prefer your idea with the HG. You've only got 4 meltaguns which can be an issue against armor so turning it to 3 units which can pop tanks is a good idea and you still keep 15 FNP Marines as scoring which at 1000 points is fine. As you move back to 1250 you can bring up the scoring by taking 2x10x ASM or add in some combat punch with an SG squad. So you'd end up with something like:

Libby w/shield, Lance
HG w/2x meltagun
Priest w/JP, hand-flamer
10x ASM w/2x meltagun, PFist
5x ASM w/meltagun, hand-flamer, meltabombs
5x VV w/2x SS, glaive, LC, PFist

It's a balanced list at 1000 which will come up against lists you cannot deal with as you can run very rock-paper-scissors lists at lower point levels and have them be effective. As you expand this army up to 1500 points however you'll overcome that.

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