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Friday, December 3, 2010

fester's Project Log: Reminder and some updates.

Just a quick few things....

1. Don't forget to Vote. Go left, clickity clickty, etc.
Also vote on that other guys poll thing too! (stealing my thunder!)

2. I was kind of disappointed when nobody complained that I had pulled the Hellblade off my project list... so I made myself feel better, and built one.

This is 4 night's work. This also lets me prove to you that I am not all talk and no shovel. (forgive me this Aussie politics joke).

Anyway, proof wasn't asked for, but proof you will get!

The bottom has steel sheeting in little shapes as I magnetized a Valk stand, you can see these here.

I know I haven't super-detailed this, and that it is nowhere near as nice as a legitimate one, BUT, this was about 10 hours work and cost about $6AUD.

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