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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Email in: Biker list at 2000 points

"Hi Kirby

I’m a long time reader of 3++. I currently play raven-guard quiet fluffy with shrike and lots of scouts but I’ve had an itch for a while to do a biker army.

I’m staying with raven guard as I’ve already got 10 or so bikers and can’t afford to completely start from scratch. Also I’m looking forward to modelling a raven guard counts as Khan and his command squad I’m going to use the Forge world upgrade pack, command squad pack some extra storm shields from the Assault terminators and get the Ravenwing box set for the 6 bikes . I was hoping to get some feedback on a list before I sink cash into the models.

Here’s what I’ve got so far

Khan w/Moondraken
Command squad, bikes, company champion, melta gun, lighting claw, 3 x storm shield
Bike Squad, 4X bikes, 1 x attack bike mm, 1 x melta gun, pwr fist
Bike Squad, 4X bikes, 1 x attack bike, 1 x plasma gun, pwr sword
Tactical squad flamer hvy bolter, Rhino extra armour
Tactical squad melta gun multi-melta Rhino extra armour
Assault Terminators, Land Raider redeemer, MM
Vindicator, siege shield, extra armour

1940 so i have a few points left over for upgrades

Tactically I plan to start the rhino’s flanking the vindicator in the centre and push the bikes up one flank and have the landraider and khan + command squad come in by outflanking.

Can this be made to work or do I need a rethink. The other thing I’ve considered is adding a counts as Tigerius and outflanking everything with the tiggy re rolls for reserves hopefully stopping me from getting eaten piece meal

Any help or suggestions gratefully received

Kind regards

Joe "

Hey Joe, unfortunately I think the list needs a serious re-think. Bikers and Terminators can work as a potential list though I'm not a huge fan. If you're looking at having the Command squad as well, well the Terminators aren't really an option. I'm going to assume you don't want to do a pure Biker army? If not we can try and aim for a Hybrid Biker list which uses some tanks and have a single command squad with Khan and a Libby (or MotF) bu the issue atm is you've only got 4 tanks. The Tacticals aren't adding anything and the Bikers as Troops are much better with better anti-infantry, defenses, mobility, special weapons, etc. whilst the Vindicator is a bad idea when you've got a bunch of models heading towards the enemy (i.e. Bikes and in particular the Command Squad).

So what we would want to look at is adding some more Bikes (maybe 3x8 squads or 4x smaller squads), Dreads (you can get cheap AoBR ones) and Speeders (which you get with the Ravenwing boxed set) and potentially adding some things in as Heavy Support. Depending on your budget we could create some Devastators out of your Tactical Marines and give them Razorback transports for more firepower or if running a MotF we can add more Dreads.

Anyway there are some options so if you give me a clearer indication of what you want I can work with it from there. Khan is generally best taken for his furious charge and hit and run on the Command Squad rather than outflank as outflanking can be so unreliable and SM don't really have good cheap outflanking units (say like Wolf Scouts) to take advantage of it.

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