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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MotF List 3: Fast'n'Slow w/Dreads

Still not done with these lists! Especially considering my dilema currently with my 1750 Mech Marine list. So let's check out a Fast'N'Slow list using the MotF. Once again our opportunity cost is going to be based around losing the Libby as one HQ is going to be taken by the Captain on a bike to access Bikes as Troops. This means we have no psychic defense, no null zone (less of an issue here as there isn't much AP2 or good combat units) and no extra cool blast or template. We can live with that. The Fast'N'Slow list is based around the concept of throwing bikes into your opponent's face and supporting them with a bunch of mech firepower so this will essentially be a Mech list with the Tacticals replaced with the Bikes. The Bikes are better in comparison to Tacticals in every respect but are correspondingly more expensive. So let's see what we can build...

We'll start with the MotF and Captains on Bikes as they are both required for this list. The MotF could start on foot and start with a Scout squad and Beamer but for the moment we're going to run them both on Bikes. This sets us back 135 and 165 points respectively as we give the Captain a Relic Blade. Now let's take a look at the Dreads we want. Our force is quite aggressive with bikes zooming on T1 so we're going to need some combat support. We can do this with Dreads or Terminators if we wish... I'm going to lean towards Dreads atm as they can advance and help out the Bikes and then charge into combat. We'll therefore take two barebones Dreads w/MM and DCCW and the other four Dreads will be Rifledreads giving us an impressive amount of suppression fire. This will set us back a further 210 and 500 points respectively so we've used up just over 1000 already.

Let's get to work on our Bikes then. Three full squads would be ideal but unlikely so we'll start off with one full squad and make two smaller squads to support it which will give us 4 bike squads running around with combat squads. A full squad is 285 points with 3 meltas whilst a 5 man squad w/3 meltas will set us back 185. All three therefore sets us back 555 points and gives us 19 bikes with 9 melta weapons. We've so far used a total of 1565 points so this list might actually be possible at 1750 points.

We've still got options available in Fast Attack and Troops so for the moment we'll add some Speeders. We've got a bunch of fast melta in our Bikers so we don't really need MM/HF Speeders though they'd add some anti-infantry and blocking ability. We'll therefore look at Typhoons (two of which takes us to 1745 and a rather decent 1750 list) and take three squads of one and have 165 points left to play with. We can grab another small bike squad or take one up to full strength or add in a Scout squad and have the MotF camp with them. I like this idea so we'll do that. Drop the Bike from the MotF and give him a CB whilst dropping 100 points on Scouts gives us 5 with cloaks and a heavy weapon. For now we'll take a ML which makes the squad fairly decent anti-infantry and anti-tank. This takes us to 1920 which isn't enough for much but if we drop one of the Typhoons down to an MM/HF speeder we can upgrade one of the smaller Bike squads to a full-sized squad and that gives us:

Captain w/Bike, Relic Blade
MotF w/Conversion Beamer
2x Dread w/MM
4x Dread w/2x TL-autocannons
2x8x Bikes w/2x meltaguns, AB w/MM
4x Bikes w/2x meltaguns, AB w/MM
5x Scouts w/Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles, ML
2x Typhoon
1x MM/HF

Totals: 2000 points
24 bikes + 6 infantry
9 vehicles

Not really sold on the MM/HF change so that could always be dropped in favor of more Bikes or changing some of the meltaguns to flamers can work it back up to a Typhoon. Also running 3 MM/3 Rifledreads saves 20 points which can bring back the 3rd Typhoon which levels out shooting and improves combat.

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