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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Helping a local move on from Deathwing and into C:SM

Email in from Lurking Horror, a local, who has more Marines than sense, and generally the worst army lists ever. I asked him to do a catalogue and email me what he had.... Bad mistake, as you will see below.

After reading a lot of the articles, I've realised that I used to be one of the "play for fun, but really emotionally unstable" types, that didn't bother learning from games and just wanted to "smash shit" with my army... Orktoberfest the last three years is probably the biggest thing changing my way of thinking.  I want to learn to be a better player, not necessarily to be "more winningest" but so that I'm not handicapping myself by my own ignorance.  I think that I've been making progress, and my Guard army isn't complete rubbish, even though the list is mainly "ooh, I like shiny things".

This is a run off the top of my head, on the important stuff.

Space Marines:

Lots of character models - capable of "counts-as" nearly anything
Honour Guard - 8+ models
Command Squad - easily assembled

16+ "Veterans" - Old metal models to represent Sternguard or Vanguard
Dreadnoughts - plenty
  - 4x Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield (mostly painted)
  - 1x Assault Cannon/ Chainfist (mostly painted)
  - 1x Cyclone Launcher/ Stom Bolter/ Power Fist (painted)
  - 1x Heavy Flamer/ Power Fist (painted)
  - 2x Storm Bolter/ Chainfist (painted)
  - 2x Power Sword/ Storm Bolter (painted)
  - 4x Storm Bolter/ Power Fist (painted)
  - LOTS more unassembled, enough weapons of all types to go around

Marines - easily assembled, some already painted
Rhinos** - enough
Drop Pods - C&C minis mdf ones, 11ish
Scouts - about 10ish snipers, no heavy weapons

Assault Marines - easily assembled
Bikes - more than a few, exact count pending, unassembled
Attack Bikes - 3x Multi-Melta (undercoated)
Land Speeders - x2 plastic, unassembled

Whirlwinds - x2
Predator - x1, magnetised weapons
Devastators - easily assembled

Land Raiders** - 1 fully painted with Forgeworld Termi doors, 1 fully painted, 1 assembled and basecoated, 2 unassembled
  - weapons to make 2x Phobos, 1x Crusader assembled
  - weapons to make 1x Redeemer unassembled, possibly for another Crusader floating around

** all Land Raiders are assembled with Razor turrets for sponsons
   - purely for looks
   - could double for razorbacks
   - 1x Assault Cannon, 2x Heavy Bolter, 4x Lascannons, 2x Hurricane Bolters :)


Phew. Any question on particular details are welcome, as are any suggestions/lists/smack-talk/whatever.

So 3 of everything, 9 of others, and at least 2 Battle Companies (no, seriously, 2 Battle Companies).

So knowing that he usually plays Tri-Raider Deathwing, I know that LH likes a serious elite army, with that Deathwing feel. (There was a certain amount of "so I don't have to paint too much" thrown in there too). So we thrashed this list out over MSN and I thought it would be worth posting up on here as it is interesting, tough, and Codex: SM.

fester's Death-Bubble-inators - 1750

Master of the Forge
10 Terminators, Dual CML, Chainfists
5 Hammer-nators
10 Tacticals, Melta, Multimelta, Rhino
10 Tacticals, Melta, Multimelta, Rhino
3xLandspeeder MM/HF
3 Dreadnaughts, Autocannon DCCW
With this list you have about 20 points to spend on upgrades as you like. Power weapons on the marines, etc.

So how does it work? I invisiage a wall of 2+ Saves (16 bodies), backed up by the Dreadnaughts.
We move them up to take midfield and bring the Rhinos in behind.
A Shooting, moving Thunderbubble.

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