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Friday, December 31, 2010

Land Raider "Cathedral" update, and some other stuff ;)

So I have had a little time to work on some stuff and here is one of the things I have been buring the midnight oil with, it is my take on a Black Templar Land Raider Crusader. Here is the link to my original post;

It has been a rather difficult build in trying to solve the "draw bridge" problem of the front assault ramp, and where and how to place the assault cannon and multi-melta, all while not taking away from the overall look of the tank. Funny thing is, after all this work I am not sure if I am going to keep it, I may end up putting a coat of primer on it and selling it...time will tell though.

The front assault ramp will actually be a working LRC door, I am going to use a plain one with some green stuff work on it, it will be magnitized so it can openn and close. I have dropped the idea of the chains and draw bridge look, to hard to engineer and it wasnt working smoothly at all.

As far as the multi-melta asaualt cannon, I am going to build a weapon cluster that will sit atop the forst balcony, keeping everything at roughly there original postions.

Lastly the engine ehausts are going to be rebuilt to look like organ pipes, should add a nice touch I think. Anyway lots more photos here;

I have also been working on my twin linked auto cannon dreads as well, not trying to show kirbs up, but here is my take on it

The dread on the right has scratch built barrels, and I used some auto cannon bits for the ammo drums, I came across some IG autocannons and I am in the process of using those for the dreads on the left, different dread variations, it will add a little to the table I guess. Both dreads' left arms were made by using the missile launcher arm and cutting it down to the right size and using plasticard to reshape it, I think it came out nice.

And lastly, one of the coolest conversions I have done yet, which really isnt saying much, but this is my BA Librarian!!

So his pack is magnitized so I can use him in my mech army as well, but I have got bits form several models there and they all came together really nice.

Thanks guys!


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