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Sunday, January 23, 2011

3++ Facelift

I'm sure a lot of have you have noticed I've updated 3++ extensively and (hopefully) made the site easier on the eyes. I still have a lot of updating to do in regards to backlinks and making the pages pretty but the basic model I think is better. There are still some things I need to update (external links aren't opening a new page atm so I need to find out where the code for that has gone...) but the load times have been cut down drastically and the site generally looks better (I think...) whilst still having that 3++ feel from before. The banner and blog should now always be the same width and for anyone with a resolution in the 1200s for width should be fine and not need any side scrolling. I think most people have their blog set at that or higher and for the widescreeners like me with 1900+, you're not looking at a tiny portion of the screen with bunchs of white space out to the left and right.

Anyway, any bugs, changes, dislikes/likes, etc. let me know! amazingPhil is still working on a further updated site but that is for a non-blogspot hosted site I believe. Comment away please! I won't have much time to do anything tomorrow I believe as I will be doing the good old Australian (and world) past-time of drinking but should be able to get in some healthy work on the site on Monday.

P.S. sorry for moving the chatbawks for several hours. I know you all hated me during that time period =D.

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