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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day & Blog Question

It's Australia Day (for some reason Australian's celebrate not being independent from England but separate; how nice. I want Earth day where Earth celebrates its union with that yellow star we call our sun). This is a great excuse for a BBQ which means I'll be busy today. Maybe those guest authors will post stuff but who knows =P.

Anyway another quick potential blog update. I've gotten rid of pretty much everything no one wants and think the general layout is quite good for now, particularly since one can see the most recent post without scrolling. Go me. One suggestion was brought up relating to the column placement however. Personally I like it on the left and think two columns would look too cramped and on the right would look funny but I think that's because I'm used to having it on the left. So over on the trial blog I've moved the column to the right: check it out.

Which do you prefer? And any more suggestions, etc.? Still working on pricing for 3++ merchandise. Not sure if I'll setup an actual store but will see if the painters are up for commissions and will probably do maybe quarterly 'orders' where I create a page for a bunch of people to order stuff and am able to therefore bulk buy without having a bunch of stock hanging around. Thoughts on this? First port of call would obviously be dice (500+ and I can get them as cheap as 42c + S&H) and perhaps t-shirts? Tape measures are also an option as are dice bags, could try and work something out for carry cases (or just stickers to put on your carry cases?) and that's all I've looked at so far.

P.S. Wayland is having a sale currently and you can get an extra 6% off their prices for any orders 50 pounds or greater. Type WAYTOGO in the discount code box during checkout and boom, 6% off.

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