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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Email in: 2k Dark Eldar list

"Im an old school dark eldar player and I love the new codex and have been winning with it cinsistantly. (except when I get cocky with the 5++ on my raiders) Ive playtested this list alot and it has changed alot since my first incarnation of it. I was told about your site a few weeks ago and I love it when you critique an army list so I thought I would send you mine and see what you think of it. Myabe help me out pounding the edges flat so to speak.

HQ Lelith
T 10 warriors 1x blaster
Raider w/ night shield/ flicker field/ splinter racks
T 10 warriors 1x blaster
Raider w/ night shield/ flicker field/ splinter racks
T 10 warriors 1x blaster
Raider w/ night shield/ flicker field/ splinter racks
T 10 warriors
Raider w/ night shield/ flicker field/ splinter racks

T 10 Wyches 2x Hydra Knives
Raider w/ night shield/ flicker field
T 9 Wyches
Raider w/ night shield/ flicker field (Lilith goes here)
F 6 Revers 2x heat lances
F 6 Reavers 2x heat lances
H Ravager w/ night shield/ flicker field
H Ravager w/ night shield/ flicker field
H Ravager w/ night shield/ flicker field

60 infantry
12 bikes
9 vehicles (6 transports)

Comes to 1997 pts (hard to find a 3pt wargear in the DE codex)

Main tactic is to come on the board on both flanks with the jetbikes turbo boosting and getting behind some terrain. Ravagers pop transports first turn. Raiders move forward12 and lend their dark lances to the transport/ tank popping.

Turn 2 jump the wyches out and have them bonzai charge into whatever squads spilled out of their transports any other squads not going to be engauged by the wyches are rapid fired to death from the raiders. (blasters are for it I didnt kill enough boxes the turn before or if Im fireing at terminators)
Rinse and repeat.

Jetbikes have been used primarily for bait so far because being the only non AV target in a meched army they tend to get allot of attention in the opening turns. having drop pods go for them and having them be completely out of the fighting once the remnants of the bike squad moves away is priceless. If they survive they are going to turbo boost around and speed bump over squads lending their heat lances as a tertiary box popper just in case I need it.

Warriors try to never get out of their transports because they tend to be really squishy once they hit the ground.

I dont expect any of the wyches to survive the game as I get them stuck in and then take the raider and use it as a undergunned ravager the rest of the game trying to pop vehicles or terminators. As far as shock troops go I dont think I can ask anything else of them. High I6 means they are going first against pretty much anything . I even had to tone down the squads. They have gone from a definate 1 assault phase massacre to having a decent chance to get stuck in for the enemy turn as well.

Ravagers get the NS and FF because there are a metric CRAP TON of drop pods/ melta vets/ 12 meltaish weapons in my area and telling them they will never get a double pen with melta is worth the 10 points just to see the look on their faces.

Been doing fine so far just wanted to see if you had any imput that can lead me to harvesting souls better for the cause. "

Solid list concept but too many points have been sunk into your Warriors. For a cheaper price of 150 points I can get similar anti-tank and anti-infantry with a blaster/blastpistol + Venom combination. This obviously plays differently so there are merits to running a 10-man squad of Warriors but not taking the Heavy Weapon or Syabrite and taking four squads of them isn't fantastic.

What I'd do is simply drop two of the squads and grab two Trueborn squads with Blasters in Venoms. You'd need to convert the Venoms which can be an issue but it gives you more mobile anti-infantry firepower and more anti-tank guns for less. You can then add some upgrades to the Warrior squads like shock prows, a heavy weapon (splinter cannon = more dakka but no re-rolls on them; dark lance = more anti-tank when necessary), Syabrite for Ld9, etc. I'd also rather see the Wyches with Shardnets/Impalers which makes them quite a bit more survivable as they cut down the number of attacks aimed at them.

I really like nightshields but not sure all of your Raiders need them. I think I'd keep them on the Wyches for midfield defenses and the Ravagers for potential ranged sniping but drop them from the Warrior squads. With these once again you can go for other upgrades such as caltrops on the Reavers, shock prows, etc.

So basically a solid list but you need to drop some Warriors. They are a nice midfield presence but aren't too flash in the point efficiency department the way they are setup and adding things like Trueborn can help your anti-tank.

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