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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cancon report - 11th out of 107 players

BBQ is still going on so here's a report from Jason. Check it out.

Heyhey! Just got back from Cancon.

I took my guard afterall, though I made it fairly comp friendly. Scores below, then list + general gaming report. Sorry if it is too long, people can read what they are interested in.

Overall I came 11th/107 places.

I won 5 games, drew 1 game, lost 2 games (games were generally a good mix of majors and minors, the losses both being minor).

Scored 36/64 for comp, with 40/64 being the highest at the tournament I believe (and ranging generally from 20-40 total).

Got 44/48 for painting, which was great for me - I've never done anywhere near this well with painting before.


Army list;

Ordos Malleus Inquisitor Lord
- CCW/BP, PHood, Holocaust, Tarot
- Retinue 2x acolyte, power armour, bp/ccw, 1 with frag/1 with krak, 1x mystic (not 2, for comp and lols - almost killed a raider with 3x bolt pistols!!)

Callidus Assassin

Company Command Squad
- Flamer, Astropath, Commander of the Fleet,

Squad with 6 psykers + overseer

Squad with 6 psykers + overseer

Junior command with 2x flamer (riding in vendetta)

3x squads - 2 with auto/grenade, 1 with las/grenade

1x Vets with 3 melta/Chimera

1x Vets with 2 plasma (foot)



Battle Tank/Lascannon/H Bolters



First game I played a mech-marine list; he had something along the lines of

- Sicarius
- 3x 10 man squads with meltas/missiles/flamers and rhinos to match
- 1x 5 man scout squad in storm
- Rifleman dread + venerable dread
- 2x pred (one with heavy bolters, one with las sponsons)
- thunderfire
- 7x assault terminators/thss
- 2x speeders with MM/HF

Mission was kill points - he won by 1 point in the end.

Mainly due to his remaining speeder being immobilised with no weapons, his 2x rhinos immobilised with no weapons, his rifleman imm, one pred imm with no weapons, and his ven taking 2 rounds of 3 melta (vets at short range/twinlinked) without taking a single glancing/penetrating hit lol. Not a lot I can do when the dice gods just say no! I was sure I had this in the bag from the start (as did he) but ahh well.


Second mission - sieze ground with 5 objectives. Win for me.

Played against a guard mech army, though he had a small unit of ogryns and rough riders, as well as a single rhino with a 10x man sister squad

I don't remember the exact layout, but my assassin pulled his infantry blob into the open at the start and I hit them with my battle tank + demolisher, killed them pretty good. I think he wanted to run up the board with his lord commissar protecting his squads (stealth/stubborn).

His heavy tanks were close to each other, so I was able to use my assassin to constantly stun them from the second turn, and jump in and out of combat with the guard squads to prevent being shot. He was ld 10/stubborn so he couldn't really run away from me!

Ended up with 3/5 of the objectives, with the 4th contested.


3rd Mission - Recon

I versed Aeon in this, and lost the game; but read on lol. I just needed to have read the objectives a little more closely, and I hate having games like this haha.

Aeon had Dark Eldar
- The Duke and the Baron
- 15 hellions
- 2 void bombers
- a small 4x man blaster squad riding a venom
- several raiders/kabalites, and 20x kabalites with the duke
- 6 harlequins
- a few other odds and ends

Basically, in a word, I smashed his army; come turn 5, he had his 20man kabalite squad/Duke in combat with my Inquisitor, (well about 10 or so left), and a single void bomber. He then deepstruck a raider with a squad into my deployment zone.

I had lost my chimera, my Inquisitor retinue, and my melta vet squad only.

I'd asked Aeon what the objectives were at the start of the game, and he had said to get into your opponents deployment zone - by the end of my turn 5, I had about 10 units in his deployment zone, and then he deepstruck in that raider/squad to claim 2 for himself. He rolled the die and the game ended; but then Aeon informed me that because none of my squads were completely within the 12inch deployment, none of them counted - and sure enough, the wording said that they needed to be wholey within the enemy's deployment. Nice of him to mention it at the start of the game though when I asked? But my fault for not reading the booklet.


4th game

Played against a dark angels/belial list. Shot everything to hell.


5th game - 3 objectives (one in the dead centre, one either side 24 inches away from the middile, but 24 inches on thet board; ie 3 objectives evenly spaced in a line).

Played against a mech marine list, with assault termies/libby doing gate of infinity, and a small melta/multimelta legion of the damned. Basically shot him for a win.


6th game - mission was capture and control (2 objectives)

Played against Good Ol' Shakey - great game. He had a shrike list, something like

- Shrike, Chaplain
- Assault marine squad
- typhoon speeders
- rifleman dread
- telion/scouts
- 2x 10man squads with rhino and drop pod (meltas/missiles/multimeltas and such)
- 5 or 7 assault marine terminators (th/ss)
- a few other things.

Figuring that shrike would outflank, and knowing I had my commander of the fleet, i set up some units on the board edge to encourage him. But Shakey was too smart for that, and infiltrated instead; unfortunately for him, my assassin was able to move enough of them out of cover/into line of sight that I could shoot/kill half of them with my battle tank.

I had intended to run them off the board with my psykers, but Shakey informed me the Chaplain made them fearless - what I hadn't realised was the Chaplain could infiltrate along with Shrike's squad? Is this true though? I would have thought the rule would have only applied to the squad shrike was with. But anyway.

My manticore then fired and hammered the unit - Shakey had to give 2 wounds to everyone, and Shrike was k'od in the shot. The chaplain and one other guy was left alive, chaplain with 1 wound now. His terminators were shot down to a 2 man squad.

Then; over the next few turns, his chaplain and (by then) single terminator took no less than 20-30 saves each before they finally dropped - taking along with them the vast majority of my infantry!

Meanwhile I'd been hammering his table edge (and snuck in my assassin) to take out his troops, with the end result of 5 guardsmen holding my objective, and 1 marine holding his objective. If Shakey had lost either his terminator or chaplain with the first few handfuls of saves, I'm sure I would have been able to bring enough firepower to finish off the last squad; but what can you do! lol. I needed to make sure I had my objective secured instead, and only just pulled it off in the end.


7th game - Table Quarters. This mission looked pretty silly; the objectives were the table quarters themselves, in which you needed a troop to capture a quarter (and no daisy chaining) with the standard anyone could contest your objective (or quarter). For a major you needed 3 quarters with troops in each and no enemy units in.

Versed a Marine Mech army with Sicarius/landraider/terminator assault squad, rhinos, marines, demolisher, etc etc.

Shot the army off the board; he had in the end his landraider immobilised in his quarter with only his redeemer cannons working, I had almost all my army left/all my objectives secured.


8th game - Kill points.

Another mech marine army, but with the riflemans, speeders with MMs, terminators, crusader, preds, razerbacks etc etc.

I had bad luck trying to kill his landraider at the start and he got through, disgourging his terminators/captain. He killed a few units, and I then generally shot up his army. But to claim a major you needed 6 more than your opponent, and my opponent only had about 9-10 to begin with; once he had a few units of mine down, I couldn't get a massacre. In the end I just hid from his 2x marine squads with missiles etc, and killed everything that came near me.


General comments

My army needs more mid field influence and durability, which I think I'll soon be moving on to another army entirely (probably GKnights when they come). I generally don't have a problem with the objectives, but I find the secondaries often hard to complete, and some of the majors fairly impossible without a wipe-out.

Overall I mainly used the psykers as artillery units vs infantry; after I had enemies in the open, I ordered fire on my target to blast most things away. Using a number of tactics, I believe I only lost a single psyker unit in 2 games over the weekend? Though they were on foot the whole time?

My assassin generally worked wonders - moving my opponents unit almost always meant a free enemy kill first turn. The assassin herself would then strike and kill a second unit, often clipping a vehicle/stopping it shooting in the same turn. A few games she hung around and continued to kill things (particularly vs that guard army).

My battle tank was awesome, being able to pound at range in those objective missions. Manticore was probably my best assest - I believe (though I could be wrong) that all but 1 game it successfully fired all 4 missiles (only the dark eldar 4x blaster squad managed to get weapon destroyed, even then it survived). The manticore probably killed what I wanted it to 3/4 times.

The demolisher did well, but often was a priority target for suicide melta, and died early perhaps 4 games.

My vets were a bit of a let down, it often took them several times to kill a vehicle, same with the combined/single squads of autos and lascannons, even with twinlinkage. The vets though often were the ones who finally killed the landraiders. Vendetta was usually great, though it basically died the first-second-(third) turn (at most).

Anyway, it was a great tournament; I'm sure had I won the 1st/3rd game I would have versed a few harder opponents, but by and large the mech marine armies weren't that dis-similar to things we see here. I thought my army performed aweseomly overall; only really bad luck (and not reading the objective) got in my way.

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