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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Email in: 1750 Pure Jumper List

"Hey Kirby,

Been a long time fan of the blog and want you to keep up the great work on your tactica's, list reviews, bat reps etc.

Anyway,on to business. The list that I have here is one that I'm going to be bringing to the Irish Tournament Warpcon. This will be my first Tourney and I do hoe to do well. I have gotten help building this list off a friend of mine, Stormy. He has the Touched by Greatness Blog. But anyway here is the list i will be bringing and would like to know what you think of it:

Libby w/ Jump Pack, Lance + Shield
Libby w/ Jump Pack, Lance + Fear
Sanguinary Priests x 3 w/ Jump Packs, 3 Combi-Melta's
Assault Squad w/ Hammer, 2 Meltaguns
Assault Squad w/ Hammer, 2 Metaguns
Assault Squad w/ Hammer, 2 Meltaguns
Assault Squad w/ Fist, 2 Meltaguns
Vanguard w/ Jump Packs, Fist, 2 Claws, Melta Bomb, 4 x Storm Shields.

The reason i take Hammers here is 1: I have them modeled on the Sarges and 2: I believe they come in very handy when you get the jump on MC's and Tanks.

Thanks for your time,


Very solid there Dave. Only change I'd make is to replace an Assault squad with a VV squad. This gives you overall more scary combat punch with more combat weapons but less torrenting. With 30 ASM though you should have pretty decent torrenting already however and at 1750 points, 30 FNP/FC Marines is very solid scoring. Having the extra VV and combat punch then allows you to be more aggressive and more likely to win games rather than draw. You won't have enough points for the same setup as your current VV so I'd try for 2-3 combat weapons and then at least three storm shields per squad. Also I would consider combat weapons on the Priests to take advantage of WS5 and potentially dropping a Libby (2 isn't super necessary). If you keep the two libbies however run both as Lance/Shield as they really are great powers for Jumper lists.

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