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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Email in: 2500 point Blood Angels Mech List

"Hello, I know you get lots of request for list help, but could you take a look at this list. It is a 2500 point list for Blood Angels. I mostly play against various Marines, Crons, IG, and rarely Nids/Tau. I also see Ravenwing and Deathwing armies. Most people around here play foot heavy or Drop Pod marines so I don't see much armor, but I want to build a "take all comers" list anyway. I tend to play Highly Mechanized lists and I wanted to include some DoA support units, but don't know how effective that would be. Here is the list.

HQ Mephiston 250
HQ Libby- Rage and (strength 10 power) 100
2xHQ Honor Guard(5)- Jump Packs, 3x MG, 1x Fist 440
3xTR Assault Sq(5)- MG, PWN w/ Razorback-TWL ASS-C 540
EL Sanguinary Guard(5)- 1xFist, Banner, 260
1x Infernus, 1x Plasma Pistol
3x FA Baal Pred- Extra Armor, Heavy Bolter Sponsons 510
TWL Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter
3X HS Predator- Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons 390

I believe that is right at 2490. I would move up with the Baals and have the RAS behind with the Preds dispersed in between. I would move Mephiston up with the Armor to block line of site until he was in range. I would DoA the Honor Guard and Sang Guard as needed. I do see a Land Raider and Leman
Russes so the Honor Guard would target armor. I would also use them to get Priest Support where I needed it and drop the Honor Guard nearby or use them to counter charge.

I worry about not having enough Troops and if I drop the San Guard and Honor Guard I would probably get 3x more RAZ or maybe I could put the Honor Guard in Rhinos and drop the Sang Guard for get another RAZ and Priest. I do not really want to try and keep the RAZ in their Razorbacks the whole game. I want them to be able to competently assault depleted squads. I might need to shave some points to put a Priest in that group, but I should be able to get coverage with the Honor Guard. I could definitely shave some points off the Honor Guard. I also thought about adding a TAC squad or two but not sure how well that would work.

Do you have any suggestions for this list? Is this a viable strategy or should drop the extra armor on the Baals and keep them back and lead with the RAZ? If I did that I would probably have to drop the Honor guard and Sang Guard and get more RAZ. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks."

I don't like the HG or SG being the only foot units in the list, especially since you have only three scoring options. Extra Armor on the Baals is also not really needed and I'd take either the Libby or Mephiston. Whilst both do different things (utility compared to combat) one or the other IMO. We'll leave in Mephiston as he adds some excellent combat prowess and by putting the HG into Rhinos and dropping the SG, Baals to AC/HB and Libby we get 435 points. This is enough for 3x ASM RBack squads if you run them with meltagun/infernous pistol and TL-heavy flamer. Or you could run 2x ASM RBack squads with the same setup as in your list with meltagun, power weapon and TL-AC RBack. You would then have enough points to add in infernous pistols on all of your ASM squads or potentially grab a Priest with some upgrades. You could also add in HKM to a lot of your vehicles for a first turn barrage of S8 weapons.

The type of list you are making would benefit the most from the TL-AC RBack squads IMO so I'd aim for five of those each with a power weapon, meltgun and infernous pistol to spend your extra points. You'd then be sending 13 tanks at your opponent all capable of firing on the move and packed with some decent combat ability and lots of meltaguns.

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