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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Email in: Inquisition Army List

"I'm making a 1750 point list.

Grand Master with Master Crafted Nemesis Force Weapon and a Targetter: 161
With 4 Terminators: 184
(Gives my army much need boost in close combat and allows me to deal with things that are eternal warrior)
Canoness with Eviscerator, Book, Cloak, jump, inferno: 115
(Your Basic Canoness, will stay with the Seraphims until they get close to the enemy where they will split apart).

Inquisitor with bolter, Targetter and bolt pistol and 2 mystics: 35
(Anti Deepstrike, will stay near the Exorcist so they can pre-measure)
With a Land Raider: 250
(Grey Knights will enter it in the first turn, will also be used to take out heavy tanks)

Fast Attack:
4 Seraphims with 2 hand flamers and a superior with an Eviscerator: 159
(meant to deal with Hordes and possible tanks due to the Eviscerator)

3x9 sisters with heavy flamer, flamer with a Superior in a rhino: 576
(Meant to deal with Marines or Hordes, will use the rhino blockade with the Land Raider and Grey Knights to split the enemy army in two)

Heavy Support:
2 Exorcists: 270
(Used to kill high priority targets)

Total: 1750
Faith points: 6"

I'm not sure what you want this list to do? Are you using it for fluff purposes or you have the models, etc. or do you just love certain models? Otherwise I would really just recommend going Immolator spam with allied Imperial Guard for Sisters of battle. If you want to make it a bit more 'unique' or different you can add in the GK+Terminators and deep-strike them in for a decent combat army and some psychic defense but otherwise the list doesn't have too much firepower, particularly in the anti-tank department.

So more information on what you're trying to do would help here but I really would suggest looking at some sort of Immolator spam though I know this type of list has huge monetary implications.

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