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Monday, January 10, 2011

Email in: Chaos cultist [Imperial Guard]

"Heya there

First sorry for my english, it isnt best i know... sorry.

Actualy coming back to 40k after 2 edition pause (last time played@ 3rd, used more to WFB but 8ed sux hard), here is list i'm bilding, if you can look at it and maybe say smth abou it? its Chaos khorne kultist, actualy love valkyre, so i wants it there, so i cant play it by any IA(no problem, anyway dont want any CSM in it). The requirments i wants for it is:

Its khorne kultist, so i need some big screen of footy guys screeming blod for the blody good, eh, any one dosent expect full mech from khorne, does it? And yeah, lets take some long-range artilery, but main hiting power shud be at short range (its khorne!) like mg/pg/pp etc.

I like imperial vehicles so i wants few in, and actualy.... IG only on foots sux hard imo, and i wants some fair list looking as Khorne cult, and still be able to do smth.

I love the flying machines of IG! I wants one in, but max two. And it wont be vendetta, cuz every one plays it.

So to sum it: its gona be IG list, kombined mech/foot, big screen of footy cultist, majority of short-ranged weapons. I started with smth like this:

ccs, 4x mg 90pts
chimera, ML+HB 55pts

pcs, 4x mg 70pts
chimera, ML+HF 55pts

30x cultist, 3x PW
comisar + PW 225pts

pcs, 4x pg+pp 100pts
chimera, ML+HB 55pts

30x cultist, 3x PW
comisar + PW 225pts

sws, 2x demo 75pts

vets, 3xpg+pp 125pts
chimera, ML+HF 55pts

devil dog+MM 135pts

valkyre + 2xHB 110pts

LRBT, 3x HB 170pts
LRBT, 3x HB 170pts

2x griffon, HF 150pts
(yeah i know MRP are beter then hellstrike for valkyre, but i like the hellstrike... well its bigger, more scary and more khorne weapons then some small MRP)

its 1865 for the "Core". So how to spend the 135 pts? I was thinking about:

next devil dog fore more AT ? (135pts = 2k total)
(actualy imo they are good, one MM in front, one on top on fast vehicle, and its rly hard to dont hit smth like LR with the blast. Scater? np, LR is soooo big i will prob. still hit it. And again, i love this vehicle, perfectly suits the short-range concept).

add next valkyre? theats 110, letting us 25pts to spend. Actualy, i wud like to put smth in the valk, so its -one chim = 80pts. Wtf to add? 3rd demo? the guy adding -1 for reserve roll to ccs? dunno....

add 3x scout sentinel with autocanon? they can outfank, then shoot at side/rear armor, and they are nice :) I can see in my mind some converzions from those with hunters walkers here... again, it lets us few (more) points here to play with...

can you help me a bit please?


First things first (beyond your English being better than any of my other languages...); any significant foot Guard army should heavily consider Creed or Straken. They rock and really help foot infantry squads with improved assault ability, lots of orders, etc. That being said, the general concept of the army is pretty good. We'll need to add in a bit more firepower and streamline a couple of things but you've got the essentials for what you need and a good theme to boot.

So looking at your list and we're pretty set with what we want to put in our list with a major change being Creed and touching up Fast Attack. If we add in Creed, take one Infantry Platoon, add some Heavy Weapon teams and double up both the Devildogs and Valks we should get our list but might be over in points. Let's take a quick peek and spitball a list without many upgrades:

CCS w/Creed, Chimera
PCS w/Chimera
5x Infantry Platoon w/5x PW, 5x meltaguns, 2x Commissars
5x HWT w/autocannons
2x Vets w/3x meltaguns
2x Devildogs
2x Valks

= 2015 points with 8 tanks and 82 infantry + 15 HWT. This might be workable then but we don't have any upgrades really across the board. Let's drop one of the HWT then and this gives us 60 points to play with (you could also drop some of the meltaguns off the infantry squads as they are there as a safety-net against tanks so not necessary). We'll add 3 meltaguns to the PCS which isn't ideal since they are BS3 but workable since we need the extra anti-tank (otherwise put flamers on these guys) and we'll also add in an autocannon on the CCS and then two power weapons on the Commissars in the Infantry platoons.

This gives you a fair amount of ranged firepower with the Chimeras (MLHB setup btw), Valks and LRBT putting out impressive anti-infantry firepower (not to mention the lasguns on the Guardsmen) backed up by anti-tank firepower from the Devildogs, Vets and autocannons. Although you are a bit light on anti-tank (upgrading the Valks to Vendettas would help here), Creed makes your Autocannon teams very deadly and the wave of infantry coming at your opponent is not only annoying but with Furious Charge from Creed and 7 power weapons, potentially deadly. With two Commissars you should split the squads into two combined platoons and the meltaguns give you some defence against tank shock and ability to pop tanks if there's nothing to assault. The Vets also start in the Valks and can threaten with an alpha strike or wait until later in the game. I'll stress again though I'd prefer to see Vendettas here over the Valks as you're really not going to have issues with anti-infantry and Vendettas really make this list tick in terms of being balanced.

Compared to your original list we've got more overall infantry but a mildly smaller assault force and we've maintained vehicle saturation whilst improving anti-tank considerably. Not using the final Heavy Slot or any Elites feels unusual but you realistically don't have the points at 2000.

Edit: after talking with AbusePuppy Straken is probably a better choice for this type of army over Creed. Whilst Creed gives you four orders which allow you to really improve the autocannon fire and give out Furious Charge as needed (and outflank a unit), Straken's buff aura gives counter-attack as well which means assaulting the large blobs isn't an attractive proposition either. Either or works but dictates a bit on how the army plays.

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