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Monday, January 10, 2011

Email in: Wolves at 1500

"Hey Kirby,

I was stumped a few days ago, sent you a list of my models and hoped you could come up with someting brilliant. ( lame) I've always had success with list building, me and my group of friends all started warhammer together when 5th ed came out and I dominated early. It was because I figured out MSU and redundancy early. Well the DE player in my group has an army that actually scares the SH** out of me. He runs the Baron with 20 hellions and two 5 man squads of hellions. Plus raiders that ram ,a Void Bomber , and 2 razorwings. He also runs an Archon with a court and drops a webway, not sure that can be fit into 1500 though. Anyways heres my list, and my other two main competiters are Mech Guard and Shifty Nids.

(Jaws is for the Nid player otherwise that priest is always casting LL)

2x RP, Chooser, 2x LL, Murderous, Jaws
5x Scouts w/meltagun, MotW
3x WG w/3x combi-meltas, PFist
4x5x GH w/meltagun, Rhino
3x TWC w/Frost Blade, meltabomb
2x5x LF w/4x ML, LasPlas RBack"

I editted the army format so it's not AB spam :P.

Not sure what you want here, a critique I'm assuming? The list is solid but the lone Scout squad isn't too my liking. I'd either get another one by dropping the LS or drop the scouts for another Speeder. Pick one or the other really otherwise the list is quite solid (I'd go for double scouts personally, drop MotW so you can fit them both in). I'd also go for a Wolf Claw on the TWC over the Frost Blade for those re-rolls.

Against the DE list the large Hellion unit is what can be very scary as it can simply sit in 3+ cover and shooting 40 poisoned shots at you. Your LF, LL and Razorbacks though should have the advantage against their mech if they have any so focus on dropping/disabling that ASAP and present the Hellions with a bunch of armor as they don't damage it very well unless they get +1S combat drug and furious charge (S6 on charge). Once your mech can dominate the board you can start moving out and slapping shots and TWC into the large Hellion squad. The small squads will die to some dedicated firepower as they don't like jumping into cover and don't have a great save. Replacing Hurricane (or Jaws) with Tempest would also help against this list and is personally a better overall choice as well as it hurts Daemons, Jumper armies, Skimmer armies and DS armies.

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