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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Email in: Farsight army suggestion


Hi! Long time reader and I really enjoy your blog. It's always interesting and I really enjoy reading the articles from everyone, especially the discussion that happens between everyone. I was e-mailing your group to pose you a question. I've been a Tyranid player since 3rd edition so I'm well versed in the way of the nid. I wanted to try something totally different and so I started a Tau army. So far I've liked playing as Tau as it provides a different experience and makes me really have to think out my battles. When I started Tau I really liked the story of Farsight and his breakaway group. I know he's not optimal when it comes to Tau (you need that kroot shield!) But with this army I don't mind to go a little fluffy and give it a shot. Here's what I got so far, (my group usually tops out around 1800). I editted the armylist so it was easier to read.


Shas'el w/PR, MP, MT

2x Crisis w/PR, MP, MT, Team Leader
2x3x Crisis w/PR, MP, MT, Team leader

4x8x FW, Team Leader, Markerlight, Target Lock
2x DF w/DPod

Hammerhead w/Railgun, DPod, TL, MT, BC
3x Broadsides w/ MT, ASS, Team Leader, TL, DC, 2x SD

Whatcha think? I know I'm missing on the Kroot, but with the amount of firepower here I think I can overcome. Suggestions?"

Honestly, there isn't that much more firepower compared to a normal Tau list. Farsight restricts what Tau need the most outside of Crisis suits. No Kroot and only 1 Hammerhead, Broadside and Piranha unit? Ick. At lower point values when you don't have the options for 2x Hammerheads/Broadsides or 2x Piranha squads, Farsight is workable as his restrictions aren't major but even then he's not a truly viable choice because he doesn't really bring anything to the table. Now if he made Crisis Troops...well potential and hopefully the new codex will do something like this. Anyway, if you're really set on using Farsight (note: I really, really don't recommend it) you need to play to his strengths. This means using his ridiculously oversized bodyguard.

Basically you don't want as many Fire Warriors as you have. Two or maybe three min-sized squads in cheap Devilfish is where you want to leave it at and these are going to basically hide Crisis suits and sit on objectives as needed. You can use Fire Warriors as bubble-wrap if you want...but eh, it's rather expensive for what it provides and you're going to be tight on points. You then buy a Hammerhead and maxed out Broadside squad with Team Leader, Target lock and 2 shield drones and from there you basically drop points into Crisis Suits. This will up your firepower as you should have nearly 350 points to spend on extra suits for Farsight's bodyguard assuming you've also bought 3x3 PR/MP/MT Crisis Suits. This should equate to around 5 suits with guns, misc upgrades so they are different and a bunch of shield drones.

So accordingly we've got 342 points to spend. This nets us 4 bodyguards w/PR/MP/MT and 54 points leftover to spend on misc upgrades around the squad for wound allocation. You could shave an upgrade somewhere to get enough points for another suit as well. With these points spare we end up with the following list:

Farsight w/4x Crisis w/PR, MP, MT
3x3x Crisis w/PR, MP, MT
2x6x FW w/DF w/DPods
HHead w/railgun, MT, BC, DPod
3x Broadsides w/ASS, Team Leader w/TL, DC, 2x SDs

Totals: 1746 points
17 suits
12 infantry
3 tanks

Again, not great but you are increasing the firepower compared to a normal Tau list but you're very vulnerable to fast moving assault armies or armies which can weather the storm long enough to reach your lines. The only real blocking options you have are your only scoring options and you're going to be vulnerable to outflanks/deepstrikes/etc because of it. You could buy more Fire Warriors to fulfill this role but I think if you're aiming for a non-standard Tau list and just want firepower, skip the defenses all together. You're also going to have some issues with heavy anti-tank. Four railguns across three targets are nice but again with the lack of defenses, can be neutralised that much easier and I'm loathe to put fusion blasters on suits...

Again, I'll reiterate I think you're much better off with a normal Tau setup and using the Farsight model with your own fluff (i.e. new renegades joined them or something).

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