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Monday, January 31, 2011

Email in: Starting Dark Eldar [1000]

"Oh mighty pink-one!
So I've been looking at starting dark eldar for a while now, and I wanted your opinion on a list before I commit to buying the models.

Archon; huskblade, soul trap, shadow field, grenade launcher, blast pistol
Incubi x5; In a raider with night shield
Warriors x5; Blaster, In raider
Warriors x5; Blaster, blast pistol sybarite, In raider
Warriors x5; Blaster, blast pistol sybarite, In raider
Ravager; flickerfield, lance x3
Ravager; flickerfield, lance x3

That comes to 995 for a 1000 point list.
Pretty much everything shoots, while archon and incubi drive up and try and assault. I feel like I might be lacking in troops, but I'm not sure how much to cut with out dropping my firepower too badly. Thank you for any suggestions you can give.

I'd look at putting the Warriors in Venoms rather than Raiders as you seriously lack on the anti-infantry side of things (though you have the issue of what model). Either that or compress the Warrior squads to two larger squads so you have some decent amount of poison shots. You could replace the Incubi as a Wych squad to up your anti-infantry but in combat. The Archon would add a bit of punch to the squad whilst improving your scoring and being a decent tarpit. From there you could start building up your 1000 point list by adding in Fast Attack and Elites and expanding your Troops/Heavy Support.

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