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Monday, January 31, 2011

Email in: 40k BA lists

I'm going to continue with this new e-mail replying style; let me know what you guys prefer. Italics = e-mailer.

"Hello Kirby,

I have been reading the blog for a while and taking some of your tips into my armies, these tips have been helping me win and are greatly appreciated. I was hoping that you could give some advice on what would be the better option to take to a tournament that has only 2 objective mission out of 6.

Glad you're liking the blog and it's helping you. I dislike this tournament already though :P. What are the other missions? KP? VP? Table quarters? Something else?

CC List
Mephiston = 250
HG with chapter banner, melta bomb, 2x stormshields, 2 x LC = 220
Furioso dread = 125
Chaplain = 100
10 DC, 1 x Power Weapon = 215
DC Dread, talons = 125
DC Dread, talons = 125
5x Assault Marines 1 x Melta, sergeant with infernus pistol, melta bomb, rhino with EA = 195
3 x Stormravens with EA, twin linked lascannons and twin linked multi meltas = 645

This comes to 2000pts, makes me very fast and 4 uber killy things that are hard to kill and not normal infantry, only 1 scoring unit though. Chaplain goes with the DC everything except the assault marines will be in storm ravens and the Honour guard will give everything near it Feel No Pain, Furious Charge and +1 Attack.

You've only got four units on the table to begin with (3 stormravens + rhino unless you reserve Rhino) and you will basically auto-lose in the 2 objective missions with only one scoring unit. BA have a great advantage in having very effective troops which excel at their role so I wouldn't minimise them too much in a setting with minimal objectives. However, the main issue with this list is having so many units packed into the Ravens (which is a problem with the Ravens in general). I still need to do that Stormraven article but you really either need to run them as a transport for one unit to begin with (but with the option to pick up anything during the game) and/or as a scoring gunboat. Ravens have issues when you put three (and characters) units together with them as your opponent can easily focus fire. I'd look at dropping the Chaplain, Furioso and Honor Guard (leaving the DC + Dreads as the Stormraven occupants) and grabbing Land Speeders or ASM in Razorbacks. Although you don't need much scoring, more scoring is good for those couple of games and ASM in Razorbacks provide both a heavy weapon and 1-2 special weapons. You could potentially even drop Mephiston down to a Libby and have him ride in a Razorback rather than running behind them.

Shooty List

Libby = 100
HG = 115
Sternguard 2 x LC = 155
Sternguard 2 x LC = 155
Sternguard 2 x LC = 155
Tactical Squad 10 men, missile launcher and a Flamer, power sword, Rhino EA = 250
Tactical Squad 10 men, missile launcher and a Flamer, Rhino EA = 235
Tactical Squad 10 men, missile launcher and melta, combi-melta, Drop Pod = 185
Assault Marine Squad, 2 x flamers, sergeant with Hand Flamer and Power Sword = 260
Devastator Squad 4 x ML = 130
Devastator Squad 4 x ML = 130
Devastator Squad 4 x ML = 130

This should also come to 2000 pts, it has an assault element and a shooting element, however it's the shooting that is the main part to it. Honour Guard sit back and give feel no pain bubble while everything fires and kills stuff, the pod squad drops a combat squad in to pop a tank, the other tacticals combat squad and rush forward with flamers and sergeants alongside the assault marines, giving me 5 templates to roast things with. This List has the advantage in objective missions due to the 7 possible scoring units.

If you're going shooty with the Troops I'd lean towards Scouts. 100 points for a missile launcher is a lot better than 200+ but I honestly don't feel this list is really that spectacular. I'd rather see a Blood Hammer style list where the Tacticals and Sternguard are turned into ASM w/Jump Packs and Sanguinary Guard pushing up against the enemy. If you want a shooty BA list I'd lean more towards their Razorbacks where being able to move 12" and fire a weapon is a big advantage compared to other Marine armies. If you're looking for pure foot shooty however I'd go with Scouts for extra firepower and ASM for offensive in your face firepower. I'd likely drop a Sternguard Squad as well to get some Priests (particularly Corb) who can really help in this list.

Was hoping for someone to look over these with a professional eye and critique as most my usual gaming partners also go to tournaments I go to.

Thanks a lot,


Hope the tournament(s) go well and sorry for late reply.

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