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Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Day Hobby Day

Apologies for the absence of MDHD for the last couple of weeks and particularly to those of you who have kindly sent in pictures for our enjoyment. Apparently Britain can't cope with a covering of snow, which meant I had to live at work for a week and then work Christmas weekend. Yay for me! I hope you all had an enjoyable festive period whatever your beliefs and hope Santa bought you all the plastic you wished for.

I've had a couple of emails in from readers and a couple of re-directs from the boss. First up some pics sent in from Tom. He's kindly provided a few pics of his ICs from his BA successor chapter jump list... and mighty fine pics they are! He's painted his sanguinary priests black and given them decorative armour a la Chaplains, which I think is a superb idea and something I've not come across before.

I do have lots more pics of these guys should anybody want any more.)

Next up are a couple of pics that Kirby posted on Christmas day, so I don't think they really got a decent viewing. Some Riflemen from Daniel, using the Aegis gunline set. I think they're some great examples of riflemen and all painted up look great.

Finally for this week is a follow-up pic sent in from Saramoff. For those of you that don't remember, he kindly sent in some pics of his Tyranid WIPs a little while back and has followed them up with this pic of a Tervigon. I think she's a beauty.

I do have one more email to be posted, but as Kirby forwarded the email without the pics attached it'll have to wait until next Monday. All the best for 2011 guys and keep the emails coming in! Thanks to all of those of you ending in content in 2010.


...oh great, just looked out of the window and it's snowing again!

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