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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Backlinks and Pages updated

Okay I've updated all the backlinks on the separate 3++ pages (finally). It took just a little while... If there are any major articles/armies you think I've missed (I still need to add fester's Ork armies into the Army List thread) please let me know and I'll add them ASAP.

So a few things... I still need to update the look of the pages. The Armies in 5th & 8th page is the only one which has had this done with invisible tables but the How To & Comparisons and Useful Articles pages really need to be streamlined rather than simply linked based off of date. I was thinking of changing these up to specific armies and topics so they were easier to find. I.e. the How to Page would be under headings such as Army Comparisons and then army specific labels like Space Marines which would then have any comparison articles (i.e. LClaw v Power Weapon; Thunderbubble How To, etc.). Thoughts on this? The article series page as well is probably going to go as it doesn't get much attention and is a mess but where should it be included? I'd like to acknowledge the work that has been done and put into certain series and some of them are really easy to add elsewhere (i.e. Roland's Elysians goes into Codex Reviews as does Puppy's 'A new Breed' series but what about Mistake Monday's?).

During my backlink updating I also noticed a lack of specific talk about Ravenwing (only Deathwing and Doublewing) which I'll aim to fix tonight but also Imperial Guard (and unlike other lacking topics such as DH, Necrons, etc. IG have lots of good variety and play well) had very little posts and specifically army lists. So I'm going to work on putting out some IG stuff over the next couple of weeks so does anyone have any army requests or specifics relating to the army? Anything else which they'd like to see on 3++? Speaking of which, Matt has joined our team and will be doing a hobby focused series airing on Mondays and Thursdays so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Anyway that's all for now. Any feedback and now is the time to get it out there (again). Your feedback helps us improve and make 3++ a better place so speak up (you guys got the layout changed after all). I'm waiting to here back from companies regarding dice orders so should have information regarding those soon (though the time it is taking to reply to me is pretty poor form).

Oh and since everyone thinks everything down here is deadly, here are some pictures of the native wildlife around my place.

See how is this anything but cute? (that plant isn't poisonous I swear)
And then there's this! Everyone has something like these somewhere:

Talons are for cuddling.

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