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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BroLo helps the Aus flood victims and the little Ginger Scot

As you all remember, Australia experienced some of the worst flooding it's seen in years. Huge areas of land were devastated, lives were lost and homes were ruined. For one visiting Scot, all he could think about however was a desperate need to play Green Skins. The problem was, the floods had damaged the supply of Games Workshop Kits to his local store. Now this isn't usually a problem because GW Aus is so expensive that everybody orders from overseas AND saves themselves a packet (good play GW). However, for our little visiting Scot - we'll call him Archie - this wasn't an option (I'm not sure why and we'll mention that later).

He put a call in to yours faithfully and made a wish that I couldn't help but respond to...

Dear Dr BroLo,

My name is Archie and I'm a currently visiting Australia to play in a Warhammer tournament called Centurion. You may have heard of it? (who hasn't Archie?? and there are places still remaining!). Due to the recent floods, the supply of Games Workshop models has dried up and the worst affected have been Killa Kans. I've managed to find a very generous man called Fester (it's fester - with a little f you derp) that is going to let me use his orks. He's so nice, he's also going to paint me 3 extra (cool convereted) buggies too. For my list I need 9 killa kans (9!!), but Mr Fester (little f FFS!) only has 6.

Can you help?

(you may know me as the angry, potty-mouthed ginger Scot from Chatbox)
Note:the dark green is no reference to the named either :P

Well maybe I can Archie, maybe I kan. This is the little story of how Dr BroLo helped the little Scot fulfill his dreams of playing Green Skins.

This is where it all began... 3++ Chatbox. I heard Archnomad and fester discussing the former playing orks at Centurion. Fester had offered up his little plastic figures, but only had 6 buggies and 6 kans and asking him to spend £60+ on new figures for some other derp to lose at a tournament was probably a bit much, so I offered my services.

I took a little trip into town and parked at the local NCP. Little did I know there was a big hairy man ready to part my butt cheeks or charge me nearly £6 for the privilege of parking at his crappy car park. I stayed for less than 10 minutes and will never go back. What a joke!

I took a little trip into the local GW store that had 2 tables running at the time... both had orks playing. As I walked over to the 40k Ork section there was a middle-aged fellow and his son standing there. He reached down and picked up a box of Killa Kans and said 'Kans?' in a very brutish, orky voice to his son - who closely resembled a grot. These were all good signs in my book. I picked up the remaining box of kans and walked over to the counter. Before he had the chance to answer I said, "No, I don't need any plastic glue." A little taken back, he asked me for my money, I paid and left.

I then drove to my local friendly tesco store for some brown wrapping paper, sellotape (or the cheap tesco equivalent) and some pens. A little forethought would have saved me some time and money - I obviously had these at home.

From there took a little trip to Post Office. I asked the kind assistant I'd like the fastest service for a 220gm parcel to Australia. She said it would cost me £44 to get there in 4 days. After I picked my self up off of the floor and stopped laughing she did say there was a service for £8.22 that would make it there in 5 days. Thank you please! Don't fail me now Ma'am.

(That's right kids... Welsh is a language too :P)

I paid my money and left. My good deed for the day complete. After it I all, I did realise it woud've been easier, cheaper and faster to give fester the money to find or source some locally. But that wouldn't have been as fun.

If you feel like something for the community, then go for it. It's remarkably good fun. MWC's auction is always a good option, but there are hundreds of needy - and I mean needy, not greedy, like Kirby - gamers out there.

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